Data Caching

To expedite downloading and display of Internet sites, all modern browsers employ the data caching technology. This technology consists in saving once downloaded internet pages, images, scripts and other data in temporary folders on a user's computer so as to avoid a repeated downloading when accessing them again but to use the file copies from the cache instead. This considerably expedites downloading and display of pages but sometimes data on the server have already been updated while the client's browser continues using data stored in the temporary folders. Such a situation is possible if the client uses conservative cache settings, when data stored in the temporary folders are too rarely compared to data on the server; when data are cached by Internet Service Providers; when proxy or firewall used by the Client do not pass through headers which contain information about a file on the server.

The TradeRoom trading system is based on the use of both client-side and server-side scripts. For the system to operate, it is important that the scripts in the client's cache be updated each time a new version is issued. Therefore, it is important for the client to use correct settings of his browser, in particular cache.

Browser setting recommendations including cache are given on the Technical Requirements page. If after the trading system update, there appears a message that the old versions of pages from the temporary folders are still being used, it is recommended to clear the cache, thereby making the browser download the script version update from the server. The cache is cleared:

After clearing the cache, it is necessary to reload the trading system by pressing the F5 key.

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