Order Preferences

This page serves to set order placement parameters.

Functions of the control elements

Default period of validity is the period of validity set for the new orders by default. The preference is used when a new order is placed from the Order Operations page, when the linked orders are added, and when the order is placed after a Forex trade's been executed.

Note. GTC – Good Till Canceled validity period is always set for the If Done orders by default to secure the close of the position opened by the parent order.

Distance from the reference rate, points is a group of settings used to prescribe the default values to the rates of proposed orders. The settings are used at the order placement after executing a Forex trade and at the placement of the linked orders for an order.

Stop sets the distance (in points) of the proposed Stop order rate from the reference rate.

Limit sets the distance (in points) of the proposed Limit order rate from the reference rate.

When placing an order after a trade execution, the trade rate is taken as a basic rate. At the linked order placement, it is the main order rate that is regarded as the basic rate.

Offer increment rates for If done orders selects a presentation of the default If done order rates. If the option is checked, the default rates are offered as increments; otherwise, the fixed values are given. The option is on by default, which means the increment rates are used.

Note: If the parent order rate is specified as an increment, the If done order rates are also offered as increments regardless of the option state, as the exact value of a base rate is unknown in this case.

Show orders to close deals or positions in orders list controls whether the orders list will display all your orders or only the orders that are not tied to the open position or a deal. You can also modify this preference in the menu of the active orders table, Show closing orders option.

Please note that the orders which close the open position or a deal are always displayed in the Stop and Limit columns of the open positions list.

When CFD Contract changes controls the processing of orders when the instrument rate jumps at a CFD contract change. In this case, your orders may not work as you planned. This option avoids such situations. What you can do:

Save saves the changed settings.

Cancel exits the preferences page without saving the changes.

Note: When placing an order for a Forex trade, the instruments you have selected for the Forex trading are available only. You can select them in the Trading Preferences. This simplifies the selection of the required instrument from the list.

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