Reset Password

This page serves to regain access to your virtual accounts you have forgotten the username or password for. We store your password in encrypted form and do not have access to it. However, you can reset the password. You have to provide a confirmation of your rights to manage the account to do this. The required fields are highlighted in red.

If there is a virtual account with the specified data in the system, a message with the further instructions on resetting your password and replacing it with a new one will be sent to the e-mail address on file for that account.

If you don't remember the data which confirm your right to manage the account, or your e-mail address has changed, but you have not updated it in your Personal Data, you will probably have to register a new virtual account. If this alternative does not suit you, please contact us. We'll try to help you.


This page is not meant to regain access to real accounts. If you forget your login or password from a real account, please inform the company's personnel, specify your real account number and the e-mail on file for it and be ready to answer all the questions asked and to submit any required documents, if necessary.
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