Modeling of State of Account

This page is designed to forecast the state of account at a currency rate change. The page includes the Modeling control form for specifying suggested (model) rates as well as two tables: Open positions for Forex trades and State of account; data given in these tables are calculated based on the test rate values.

Please note that modeling is impossible in the absence of open positions.

Functions of the modeling control fields

Instrument is the field for selecting an instrument for which a test rate will be specified. The dropdown list contains the instruments for which open positions are available.

Model rate is the field for entering a test rate for a given instrument. After selecting an instrument, this field automatically displays a previously entered test rate for this instrument or a current rate if no test rate was previously entered. Entering 0 will reset the test rate for the selected instrument during calculation and will replace it with a current rate.

Test rates are stored even after the end of a work session with TradeRoom. As a result, you can work with the same model for a long time and correct it if necessary.

Calculate saves an entered test rate and calculates the state of account using this rate. If test rates for other instruments were previously entered, they are also used in calculation.

Reset all cancels all model rates and changes to current rates. This may be necessary for building a new model of the state of account from the very beginning. Individual rates for separate instruments may also be canceled by selecting an instrument, entering 0 in the "Model rate" field and pressing the Calculate button.

Description of the tables

The tables and the table content on this page are identical to the Open Positions and State of Account reports, but data in these tables are calculated in accordance with the specified model rates.

Changing a rate in the Open positions (Forex deals) table changes the profit or loss on each position as well as the aggregate profit or loss on open positions. This table also displays model rates used for modeling. If the model rate differs from the current rate, it will be highlighted in bold.

The State of Account table displays the main indices which also may change if a model rate for some currency against USD was entered, because the USD equivalents of amounts are also calculated at a model rate.

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