Newsletter Subscription

This page offers a list of news and analytical materials distributed by Forexite; you may also:

For each type of distributed materials, there is:

Subscription checkbox which shows whether a user is subscribed for information. If the checkbox is checked, a user will receive a corresponding information to the e-mail address indicated in the Personal Data. This address may be changed by selecting Preferences – Account – Personal data in the system menu. To subscribe for information, check the checkbox. To cancel a subscription, remove the check mark.

Subscription name indicates the type of information distributed by e-mail.

Message format is an information presentation format. If a message may be mailed in different formats, you may select a preferred one.

To select format, it is enough to select the option found to the right of the format name.

Note: Only one of the available formats may be selected for each type of distributed materials.

Periodicity shows how often distribution is performed.

Save is for saving of changed preferences.

Cancel is for exiting the page without saving of changes.

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