Newsletter Subscription

This page offers a list of news and analytical materials distributed by Forexite; you may also:

For each type of distributed materials, there is:

Subscription checkbox which shows whether a user is subscribed for information. If the checkbox is checked, a user will receive a corresponding information to the e-mail address indicated in the Personal Data. This address may be changed by selecting Account - Personal data in the trading system menu. To subscribe for information, it is necessary to check the checkbox. To cancel a subscription, the check mark should be removed.

Subscription name indicates the type of information distributed by e-mail.

Message format is an information presentation format. If a message may be mailed in different formats, you may select a preferred one.

To select format, it is enough to select the option found to the right of the format name.
Note: Only one of the available formats may be selected for each type of distributed materials.

Periodicity shows how often distribution is performed.

Address on site - if a distributed information is also published on the company's site, there is the address of the page where you may find this information for reading without subscribing for e-mail distribution.

Save is for saving of changed preferences.

Cancel is for exiting the page without saving of changes.

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