About Forexite

Forexite is a time-proved Forex broker.

The Forexite Company is an international Forex and cryptocurrency broker. Forexite has been delivering services in the Forex market since 1998. By this time we have gone through a stormy path from a startup and ended up being a serious and stable player in the Forex market.

We personally witnessed a lot of financial shocks and crises, such as the emergence of the euro currency back in 1999, the 9/11 terrorist attack in the US in 2001, the world economic crisis in 2008, the Swiss franc currency shock in 2015, the Brexit in 2016, and the Bitcoin's ups and downs. At such times, volatility shows a sharp rise while liquidity falls down, but we courageously overcame all the challenges and provided our clients with good opportunities to make money.

Tremendous expertise and competence of our team is proved by the stable and successful work for over 20 years. Having worked in the Forex market for many years, we have made business with tens of thousands of traders from more than 60 countries throughout the globe. A lot of our clients have been working with us for 10 and even 20 years.

There are companies with "zero" spreads and unreal bonuses, but I have been trading in Forexite for more than 15 years and I can tell you for sure: TradeRoom is a perfect trading platform; Forexite's responsibility for service and payments is the highest priority in the company.
That's what one of our clients said.

Our approach to business is based on the priority of the client's interests, expertise and the commitment to excellence. We are focused on long-standing cooperation and honest partnership relations with our customers, as well as on the long term success. It gave a boost to the company's stability in the market and a reputation of a reliable partner.

Outstanding reputation among traders.

It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently. – Warren Buffett.

For twenty years, this has been and remains the motto of our company. We never forgot and do not forget about it even for five minutes. We strive to provide the best services, and if a problem arises, we solve it promptly. There are virtually no bad reviews about the company, and if there are, they are most likely untrue and are written because of misunderstanding or malicious intent. There are not many positive reviews as well, because when everything goes like it should, there is no reason for customers to write about it. Here is one of the feedbacks about us:

Forexite with its balanced approach truly deserves an outstanding reputation among traders and investors. It's distinguished by the remarkable honesty, responsibility and restraint.

Really nice customer support.

Many have heard tricky stories about bad customer support in any kind of business. Indeed, a really nice customer support is rather an exception than a rule. We do all our best to be such an exception and make every effort to understand customer's questions and provide high-quality answers to the point. We always listen to the client, help and explain everything until we are sure he/she fully understands. Sure enough, we are not perfect, but we strive for it and try to solve all problems within the shortest possible time, and resolve controversial issues in favor of clients.

Safe Forex.

One of the key advantages of Forexite is the opportunity of low risk trading. That is why we call our services Safe Forex. Low risk is due to our following features: small deposit, any amount trading, protection against a negative balance, full correspondence of trading on real and demo accounts, and fixed spread.

It is recommended to transfer only those funds to the trading account that can be lost without affecting your own budget. Since we allow to trade with any deposit starting from $1, you can begin trading without putting large amounts under risk.

One of the capital management rules suggests risking a small fraction of the deposit size while making a transaction. Many Forex companies offer fixed lots trading, which makes it complicated to follow this rule. We can make transactions for any arbitrary amounts, starting from $1. Therefore, you can trade at any level of low risk, which you choose yourself.

Unique trading platform TradeRoom.

Virtually all Forex companies use a third-party trading platform, i.e. MT4 or MT5. We have developed our unique TradeRoom platform and we continue improving it. We know exactly what traders need; we take your suggestions into consideration and add new features and capabilities. If you have an idea how to improve something in TradeRoom, please let us know.

TradeRoom runs in a web browser and you can reach it out at any time, it doesn't require any software to be installed. You can work from any device and operating system. All data and settings are stored on our server and are available to you at any time. Even trailing orders are tracked and processed on the server.

You can choose the type of chart that suits you best: simple and fast, or with integrated technical analysis tools. You can trade directly from the chart; positions, deals and orders are displayed on the chart. You can set your time zone for easy viewing of charts and deals.

A variety of settings guarantees you a more comfortable work. You can quickly switch the trading style to "netting" (all deals are joined into an open position) or "hedging" (each open deal is counted separately). TradeRoom has got a user-friendly and intuitive interface with a help section for each page.

Variety of instruments, cryptocurrencies 24/7.

With us you can trade up to 58 currencies and cross rates in the Forex market, including some exotic currencies. In addition, you can trade and invest into precious metals, stock indices, oil and gas, as well as cryptocurrencies. At this moment there are 75 instruments available, and we are constantly working on adding new ones. See the trading conditions for a complete list of instruments and details. If you want to trade with an instrument that we don't have, contact us, and we will look into adding it.

The company works 24/7 for you: at any time you can open an account, deposit and withdraw funds, convert currencies, and trade cryptocurrencies; the latter has recently become a new trend.

Sometimes you can hear that our spread is higher than at our competitors. But when you compare the conditions, you should check out the fee amount, and not minimum, but the real spread, which is constantly changing in other Forex companies. Moreover, their quotes often "twitch", and it becomes complicated to make a deal at a good rate. At the end, if we calculate the average spread, it turns out that we probably have the same or even better one, because our spread is always fixed. Besides, we do not have rate shifts, slippages and transaction fees.

Our goals and vision.

We are constantly working to develop and improve our service. A lot of things that have become common today were initially suggested by us and others just copied them. For instance, quotes history, economic calendar, interest rate table, deposit and deals starting from $1, browser trading platform, trailing orders on the server, multi-currency accounts, currency conversion, correspondence between real and demo accounts, detailed trading conditions and more.

We've always been and will remain an innovative company. We are eager to add more trading instruments, more ways to deposit and withdraw funds, also we want to make trading on all instruments available 24/7 and much more. Contact us if you have anything to suggest to make our service even better.


Customer's privacy has always been of a great significance for us, and we are doing our best to ensure that no one gets your personal information. Your correspondence is carried out through the TradeRoom trading platform in the encrypted form. When opening an account, you only specify the very necessary information. The less information you provide, the safer you feel.

Honest Forex without ads, bonuses and contests.

Ads of Forex trading, as an easy way to make money, overfilled the Internet. Here and there companies offer bonuses or contests that develop the wrong trading skills and lead to the mindless trading and, and as a consequence, to losses.

We advise you to resist any temptation and don't get screwed on advertising tricks. Forex trading is not that easy: in order to be successful, you need to be focused on work and think twice. That's why, we don't advertise Forex trading, neither offer bonuses and held contests; we avoid to persuade you to add funds to the deposit, and don't promise you easy money-making. Instead, we concentrate our efforts on a comprehensive service improvement.

Like one of our customers said, Forexite is a company that does not search customers; they find it themselves, because the company's high quality services are the best advertising ever. If you like this approach, please share it with your friends, because this is our only promotion channel.


Start Forex trading now! It won't take you more than 5 minutes. You don't need to choose which type of account to open because one trading account integrates all our services.