Risk Warning

  1. Forexite (hereinafter the Company) seeks to minimize the risks associated with margin trading in currencies on the Forex market, CFDs, options and other financial instruments, the Company offers. Nevertheless, the use of leverage makes such instruments highly profitable on the one hand, but high-risk at the same time.
  2. Prior to using the information on the Company's web-site or the services the Company offers, please read about the key risks mentioned below.
  3. The margin trading involves a high level of risk and may be not suitable for all investors. Speculate only with the money you can afford to lose.
  4. The use of a leverage leads to that minor market fluctuations strongly affect the Client's account balance: both as for his/her benefit and against.
  5. If the market moves against the Client's position, it can be closed at a loss in case no extra funds are added to support the position. The Client may fully lose the initially invested means as well as any additional sums invested to support the position.
  6. Under certain market conditions, particularly at a market rapid movement the Client may have no opportunity to execute a trade at an acceptable rate. Sometimes, the market moves too rapidly and the Client may incur considerable losses or get a considerable profit during the period between making a decision and executing a trade.
  7. The use of Stop orders does not guarantee limitation of losses to the previously established level because market conditions can make it impossible for such orders to be executed at the specified rate.
  8. The Company makes efforts to ensure that their servers, software, and Internet channels are available round a clock. Nevertheless, there is a risk of delays or break in the Internet connection on any part between the Client and the Company's server. The Company is not liable in cases when the Client has no opportunity to contact the Company during the normal operation of the Company's servers.
  9. The Company checks the information provided but does not guarantee its accuracy, completeness and timeliness. The contributions may reflect the authors' views which do not necessarily coincide with those of the Company. The Company reserves the right to amend any information or a publication without a prior notice. All publications are available for informational or marketing purposes only and cannot be considered as trading recommendations or investment advice.
  10. Sometimes the Client may understand the information provided by the Company inaccurately or incorrectly, which may be caused by a foreign language, in particular. The Company does not guarantee an accurate translation and is not responsible for the information incorrect interpretation by the Client.
  11. The Client understands and knowingly accepts all the inherent risks of trading in currencies and other financial instruments, some of which are disclosed in the Risk Warning. Please consult experts in case of any doubts as regards trading.
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