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Release 38 (1/2016) of May 20, 2016

You are reading the Forexite news next issue. The purpose of the newsletter is to let our customers, partners and users of our services know our company news as well as the changes in our trading conditions and software products, and to reveal the useful opportunities of our services.

You will find in this bulletin:
TradeRoom and TradeRoom Mini News

TradeRoom and TradeRoom Mini News

The TradeRoom trading system is meant for Forex trading via the Internet. TradeRoom provides real-time deals, a flexible management of your trading account and a receipt of its state information.
The TradeRoom Mini Forex system is designed for trading through the mobile devices (cellular phones, smartphones, communicators, etc.).

There are the following changes in the latest versions.

Trading Terms and Conditions

  • The trading hours for real accounts have been prolonged. Now the close of trading for a weekend is 1 hour later: on Friday at 23:00 in the GMT+1 (CET) time zone. Trading starts on Sunday at 23:00 (GMT+1).
  • Standard currencies are used instead of the WebMoney ones now. When funding your account through WebMoney, the account is credited with the amount in USD, EUR, RUB, UAH rather than in the WebMoney currencies (WMZ, WME, WMR, WMU). When you transfer your funds to the WebMoney purse, the standard currencies are used as well. This allows avoiding extra conversion, and simplifies other operations in the TradeRoom system.


  • There is a new way to withdraw your funds: the Forexite MyChoice payment card. The Forexite MyChoice card is a very comfortable way to withdraw the funds from your TradeRoom trading account. The money is credited to the card directly, so you can immediately pick it up from an ATM, or use to pay for goods or services. For more information on how to order, get, and use the card please read Forexite MyChoice payment cards.
  • Now we also use the MegaTransfer payment system, which allows you to accept and send the money in different ways. They are Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay cards, bank transfers, transfers from your MegaTransfer purse. The service is multi-currency, it makes it possible to top up your account with a payment card in USD, EUR, GBP, RUB.


  • There is a new trading style: Advanced. Now, TradeRoom allows you to select a more comfortable style for trading on Forex.
    • The TradeRoom Classic style: all deals for an instrument are joined into an open position. When it is closed, all the deals involved into the position are also closed. The Classic style is the mode which all TradeRoom users have worked in before the new version release.
      Open Positions tab in the TradeRoom Classic style
    • The Advanced style: each deal is considered separately and is displayed in a separate row in the table. The deals remain open until they are closed explicitly or by closing the position for the given instrument.
      Open Positions tab in the Advanced style
      The Advanced style provides for more opportunities to trade on Forex. Particularly, it allows you:
      • to open several deals for 1 instrument;
      • to hedge a deal with the opposite deals not closing them, i.e. without fixing the received profit or loss;
      • to close deals in any order;
      • to close all deals open for an instrument at once by closing the position.
  • There is information on the Swap accrued, the Stop and the Limit orders set in the Open Positions tab of the Open Positions table.
    Open Positions table
    • The Swap column shows the swap accrued on an open position or an open deal.
    • The Stop and the Limit columns show the rates of the orders if there are orders tied to a position (or a deal) to close it.
  • You can make some simple changes in the orders (placement, cancellation, rate modification) directly in the Open Positions tab.
    For example, this is how the placement of the orders tied to an open position might look like.
    The placement of the orders tied to an open position
    Just click in a Stop or a Limit column, and select Create order. A window for an order placement will be displayed. After you have adjusted the values of the rates click on OK, and the orders will be placed.
    The amounts of the orders tied to an open position automatically alter at the position change.


  • Now, all open deals and an open position for the selected instrument are displayed in the Charts tab (the position is shown as a bold green line).
    Charts tab

Log on to TradeRoom

  • The procedure to restore access to the account has been changed. If you have forgotten your password, a hyperlink will be sent to you by e-mail. By clicking on it, you will be forwarded to the page where you will discard your old password and specify a new one.

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