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Release 40 (2/2017) of May 28, 2017

You are reading the Forexite news next issue. The purpose of the newsletter is to let our customers, partners and users of our services know our company news as well as the changes in our trading conditions and software products, and to reveal the useful opportunities of our services.

You will find in this bulletin:
TradeRoom version 2017.05
QuoteRoom version 2017.02

The TradeRoom 2017.05 latest version

The TradeRoom trading system is meant for Forex trading via the Internet. TradeRoom provides real-time deals, a flexible management of your trading account and a receipt of its state information.

TradeRoom 2017.05 has the following changes:

User Interface

  • The option to automatically hide the system menu. By default, TradeRoom is always displayed with the menu, which is pinned with the Pin button button. The menu does not disappear from the display.
    By default, TradeRoom is always displayed with the menu
    To allow the system to automatically hide the menu just click on Pin button. Then it will be unpinned from the main screen of the system and will be immediately hidden. Your interface will look like shown below.
    TradeRoom menu will be immediately hidden
    To call out the menu, click on Menu button or just click your mouse at the left edge of the window.
    Click here to pin the menu
    To pin the menu on the screen again, use the Pin button.
    On devices with a small screen resolution and on mobile devices, the default menu is hidden.


  • Improved displaying open positions and orders on the charts. In particular,
    • positions, deals, and orders at the edge of a chart are shown in bolder lines;
    • a profit has been added to the deal and position tooltips; the profit in points is calculated with a swap.
    TradeRoom charts


Log on to TradeRoom
Typical questions

Register demo-account
Register real account


QuoteRoom 2017.02 latest version release

The QuoteRoom software is meant to collect, store and display the information (quotes and news) necessary for the Forex trading as well as to export the quotes into the programs of technical analysis. QuoteRoom allows you to use the Forexite TradeRoom system for the Forex trading, through a built-in browser.

New QuoteRoom 2017.02 possibilities.

  • The program can be updated automatically now.
  • You can send an error report from now on.
  • Download of a one-minute history into the floating window after the program start has been added.
  • There is an opportunity to transfer the Sunday daily bar data to a Monday daily bar.



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