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Forexite news
Release 36 (1/2015) of February 28, 2015

You are reading the Forexite news next issue. The purpose of the newsletter is to let our customers, partners and users of our services know our company news as well as the changes in our trading conditions and software products, and to reveal the useful opportunities of our services.

You will find in this bulletin:
TradeRoom latest version 2015.02
QuoteRoom latest version 2015.02
Quotes history on the company's website

TradeRoom news
Release of TradeRoom 2015.02

The TradeRoom trading system is meant for Forex trading via the Internet. TradeRoom provides real-time deals, a flexible management of your trading account and a receipt of its state information. The TradeRoom Mini Forex system is designed for trading through the mobile devices (cellular phones, smartphones, communicators, etc.).

There are the following changes in version TradeRoom 2015.02.


  • The active order operations are carried out on a new tab Orders of the Trading page. So, you do not have to switch between the main menu pages, you can perform many of the operations directly from the chart. The order editing form opens under the order list now, so you can track the changes in your other orders while editing one of them as well as view the other tabs. And in this case the form will always be available.
  • The old pages for both Forex and conversion trade execution have been removed from the system main menu since all trading operations are available on the Trading page now.


  • Now you can view your orders right on the charts.

    Now you can view your orders right on the charts
  • It is possible now to manage the orders right from the chartIt is possible now to manage the orders right from the chart: create, modify, and cancel. E.g., to change the order rate you can just place your mouse cursor on the order line and holding the left button mouse, drag the line to a new place.
    If you need to modify some other parametres of the order (e.g., an instrument, operation or amount) or to edit linked orders, etc., use the editing form from the context menu.

    You can also unmark the selected orders or place a new order with the selected rate.

    Use the editing form from the context menu
  • There is a context menu which allows you to execute a new trade or close a position, now.

    There is a context menu which allows you to execute a new trade or close a position, now
  • Now you can change the scale and visible area of the chart with the mouse. The chart is scaled by default automatically, so that the bars occupy maximum chart space but do not go beyond it. To see the open positions or orders that fall outside the visible area, you can change the vertical scale and/or move the chart visible area with the mouse.


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QuoteRoom news
Release of QuoteRoom 2015.02

The QuoteRoom software is meant to collect, store and display the information (quotes and news) necessary for the Forex trading as well as to export the quotes into the programs of technical analysis. QuoteRoom allows you to use the Forexite TradeRoom system for the Forex trading, through a built-in browser.

New improvements and changes in QuoteRoom:

  • the number of quoted currency pairs has been increased to 50;
  • the Excel DDE example has been updated;
  • support for the summer/winter time in TradeStation has been added;
  • saving of the caption font in the chart has been added.

The quotes history on the company's website

The page with the quotes history archives (in Russian) has been redesigned and updated on the company's website. Why do we need quotes history? After you install the QuoteRoom program, you begin to receive real-time quotes immediately, because the history is downloaded to the QuoteRoom database automatically. However, the automatic download of the entire history (since 2001) may take too much time. Therefore, we offer you to fill up your QuoteRoom database by one of the following ways:

  1. download the quotes archive in the ASCII format and import it into QuoteRoom;
  2. download the ready database and decompress it right in the folder with the QuoteRoom program.

The users of the Omega ProSuite application can also find the quotes archives in the XPO format on our website. However, we recommend using a more modern TradeStation 9.x instead of the outdated ProSuite. QuoteRoom is able to deliver the quotes history from its database into TradeStation. That’s why the TradeStation users do not need to separately download the history in a special format. The only thing you have to do in this case is to fill up your QuoteRoom database by one of the two methods meant above.



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