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01.01.16 Australia AUD New Years Day
01.01.16 Canada CAD New Years Day
01.01.16 Czech Republic CZK Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State
01.01.16 Denmark DKK New Years Day
01.01.16 European Union EUR New Years Day
01.01.16 Hong Kong HKD New Years Day
01.01.16 Hungary HUF New Years Day
01.01.16 International XAU New Years Day
01.01.16 International XAG New Years Day
01.01.16 Japan JPY New Years Day
01.01.16 Mexico MXN New Years Day
01.01.16 New Zealand NZD New Years Day
01.01.16 Norway NOK New Years Day
01.01.16 Poland PLN New Years Day
01.01.16 Russian Federation RUB New Years Day
01.01.16 Singapore SGD New Years Day
01.01.16 South Africa ZAR New Years Day
01.01.16 Sweden SEK New Years Day
01.01.16 Switzerland CHF New Years Day
01.01.16 Turkey TRY New Years Day
01.01.16 Ukraine UAH New Years Day
01.01.16 United Kingdom GBP New Years Day
01.01.16 United States USD New Years Day
02.01.16 Japan JPY Bank holiday
02.01.16 New Zealand NZD Bank holiday
02.01.16 Switzerland CHF Bank holiday
03.01.16 Japan JPY Bank holiday
04.01.16 New Zealand NZD Bank holiday
04.01.16 Russian Federation RUB Bank holiday
05.01.16 Russian Federation RUB Bank holiday
06.01.16 Poland PLN Epiphany
06.01.16 Russian Federation RUB Bank holiday
06.01.16 Sweden SEK Epiphany
07.01.16 Russian Federation RUB Orthodox Christmas Day
07.01.16 Ukraine UAH Christmas Day
11.01.16 Japan JPY Coming of Age Day
18.01.16 United States USD Martin Luther King Day
26.01.16 Australia AUD National Day
01.02.16 Mexico MXN Constitution Day
06.02.16 New Zealand NZD Waitangi Day
08.02.16 Hong Kong HKD Lunar New Year
08.02.16 Singapore SGD Chinese New Year
09.02.16 Hong Kong HKD Lunar New Year
09.02.16 Singapore SGD Chinese New Year
10.02.16 Hong Kong HKD Lunar New Year
11.02.16 Japan JPY National Foundation Day
15.02.16 United States USD Presidents Day
23.02.16 Russian Federation RUB Defence of the Motherland
08.03.16 Russian Federation RUB Womens Day
08.03.16 Ukraine UAH International Womens Day
15.03.16 Hungary HUF National Day
16.03.16 Mexico MXN Benito Juarezs Birthday
21.03.16 Japan JPY Spring Equinox Day
21.03.16 South Africa ZAR Human Rights Day
24.03.16 Denmark DKK Maundy Thursday
24.03.16 Israel ILS Purim
24.03.16 Mexico MXN Maundy Thursday
24.03.16 Norway NOK Maundy Thursday
25.03.16 Australia AUD Good Friday
25.03.16 Canada CAD Good Friday
25.03.16 Denmark DKK Good Friday
25.03.16 European Union EUR Good Friday
25.03.16 Hong Kong HKD Good Friday
25.03.16 Mexico MXN Good Friday
25.03.16 New Zealand NZD Good Friday
25.03.16 Norway NOK Good Friday
25.03.16 Singapore SGD Good Friday
25.03.16 South Africa ZAR Good Friday
25.03.16 Sweden SEK Good Friday
25.03.16 Switzerland CHF Good Friday
25.03.16 United Kingdom GBP Good Friday
28.03.16 Australia AUD Easter Monday
28.03.16 Czech Republic CZK Easter Monday
28.03.16 Denmark DKK Easter Monday
28.03.16 European Union EUR Easter Monday
28.03.16 Hong Kong HKD Easter Monday
28.03.16 Hungary HUF Easter Monday
28.03.16 New Zealand NZD Easter Monday
28.03.16 Norway NOK Easter Monday
28.03.16 Poland PLN Easter Monday
28.03.16 South Africa ZAR Family Day
28.03.16 Sweden SEK Easter Monday
28.03.16 Switzerland CHF Easter Monday
28.03.16 United Kingdom GBP Easter Monday
04.04.16 Hong Kong HKD Ching Ming Festival
22.04.16 Denmark DKK General Prayer Day
23.04.16 Turkey TRY National Sovereignty and Childrens Day
24.04.16 Israel ILS Pesach
25.04.16 Australia AUD Anzac Day
25.04.16 New Zealand NZD Anzac Day
27.04.16 South Africa ZAR Freedom Day
29.04.16 Japan JPY Day of the Nature
30.04.16 Israel ILS Pesach
01.05.16 Czech Republic CZK Labour Day
01.05.16 European Union EUR Labour Day
01.05.16 Hong Kong HKD Labour Day
01.05.16 Hungary HUF Labour Day
01.05.16 Mexico MXN Labour Day
01.05.16 Norway NOK Labour Day
01.05.16 Poland PLN Labour Day
01.05.16 Russian Federation RUB Labour Day
01.05.16 Singapore SGD Labour Day
01.05.16 South Africa ZAR Labour Day
01.05.16 Sweden SEK Labour Day
01.05.16 Switzerland CHF Labour Day
01.05.16 Turkey TRY Labour Day
01.05.16 Ukraine UAH Labor Day
02.05.16 Hong Kong HKD Labour Day observed
02.05.16 Singapore SGD Labour Day observed
02.05.16 Ukraine UAH Orthodox Easter Day
02.05.16 United Kingdom GBP May Bank Holiday
03.05.16 Japan JPY Constitution Day
03.05.16 Poland PLN Constitution Day
04.05.16 Japan JPY Greenery Day
05.05.16 Denmark DKK Ascension Day
05.05.16 Japan JPY Childrens Day
05.05.16 Norway NOK Ascension Day
05.05.16 Sweden SEK Ascension Day
05.05.16 Switzerland CHF Ascension Day
08.05.16 Czech Republic CZK Liberation Day
08.05.16 Ukraine UAH Victory Day / Memorial Day
09.05.16 Russian Federation RUB Victory Day
09.05.16 Ukraine UAH Victory Day / Memorial Day observed
12.05.16 Israel ILS Israel Independence Day
14.05.16 Hong Kong HKD The Birthday of the Buddha
16.05.16 Denmark DKK Whit monday
16.05.16 Hungary HUF Whit monday
16.05.16 Norway NOK Whit monday
16.05.16 Switzerland CHF Whit Monday
17.05.16 Norway NOK Constitution Day
19.05.16 Turkey TRY Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day
23.05.16 Canada CAD Victoria Day
26.05.16 Poland PLN Corpus Christi
30.05.16 United Kingdom GBP Spring Bank Holiday
30.05.16 United States USD Memorial Day
05.06.16 Denmark DKK Constitution Day
06.06.16 New Zealand NZD Queens Birthday
06.06.16 Sweden SEK National Day
09.06.16 Hong Kong HKD Tuen Ng Festival
12.06.16 Russian Federation RUB National Day
13.06.16 Australia AUD Queens Birthday
13.06.16 Israel ILS Shavout
16.06.16 South Africa ZAR Youth Day
19.06.16 Turkey TRY Ramazan Feast
20.06.16 Ukraine UAH Orthodox Pentecost
21.06.16 Singapore SGD Vesak Day
25.06.16 Sweden SEK Midsummer Day
28.06.16 Ukraine UAH Constitution Day
01.07.16 Canada CAD National Day
01.07.16 Hong Kong HKD Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
04.07.16 United States USD Independence Day
05.07.16 Czech Republic CZK St Cyril and Methodius Day
06.07.16 Czech Republic CZK Jan Hus Day
06.07.16 Singapore SGD Hari Raya Puasa
07.07.16 Turkey TRY Ramazan Feast
08.07.16 Turkey TRY Ramazan Feast
18.07.16 Japan JPY Marine Day
01.08.16 Canada CAD Civic Holiday
01.08.16 Switzerland CHF National Day
09.08.16 Singapore SGD National Day
09.08.16 South Africa ZAR National Womens Day
11.08.16 Japan JPY Mountain Day
14.08.16 Israel ILS Fast of Ninth of Av
15.08.16 Poland PLN Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
20.08.16 Hungary HUF Saint Stephens Day
24.08.16 Ukraine UAH Independence Day
29.08.16 United Kingdom GBP Summer Bank Holiday
30.08.16 Turkey TRY Victory Day
05.09.16 Canada CAD Labour Day
05.09.16 United States USD Labour Day
12.09.16 Singapore SGD Hari Raya Haji
12.09.16 Turkey TRY Sacrifice Feast
13.09.16 Turkey TRY Sacrifice Feast
14.09.16 Turkey TRY Sacrifice Feast
16.09.16 Hong Kong HKD Mid-Autumn Festival
16.09.16 Mexico MXN Independence Day
19.09.16 Japan JPY Day of Senior Citizens
22.09.16 Japan JPY Autumn Equinox Day
24.09.16 South Africa ZAR Heritage Day
28.09.16 Czech Republic CZK St Wenceslas Day
01.10.16 Hong Kong HKD National Day
03.10.16 Israel ILS Rosh Hashanah (New Year) 1st Day
04.10.16 Israel ILS Rosh Hashanah (New Year) 2nd Day
10.10.16 Canada CAD Canadian Thanksgiving Day
10.10.16 Hong Kong HKD Chung Yeung Festival
10.10.16 Japan JPY Health-Sports Day
10.10.16 United States USD Columbus Day
12.10.16 Israel ILS Yom Kippur (Atonement Day)
12.10.16 Mexico MXN Columbus Day
14.10.16 Ukraine UAH Defenders Day
17.10.16 Israel ILS Succot 1st day
23.10.16 Hungary HUF Republic Day
24.10.16 New Zealand NZD Labour Day
25.10.16 Israel ILS Simchat Torah (Shemini Atzeret)
28.10.16 Czech Republic CZK Foundation of the independent Czechoslovak State
29.10.16 Turkey TRY Republic Day
30.10.16 Singapore SGD Deepavali
01.11.16 Hungary HUF All Saints Day
01.11.16 Poland PLN All Saints Day
02.11.16 Mexico MXN Day of the Dead
03.11.16 Japan JPY National Culture Day
04.11.16 Russian Federation RUB Day of Unity
11.11.16 Canada CAD Remembrance Day
11.11.16 Poland PLN Independence Day
11.11.16 United States USD Veterans Day
17.11.16 Czech Republic CZK Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
21.11.16 Mexico MXN Revolution Day
21.11.16 Ukraine UAH Dignity and Freedom day
23.11.16 Japan JPY Labour Thanksgiving Day
24.11.16 United States USD Thanksgiving Day
12.12.16 Mexico MXN Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe
16.12.16 South Africa ZAR Day of Reconciliation
23.12.16 Japan JPY Birthday of the Emperor
24.12.16 Denmark DKK Day before of Christmas Day
24.12.16 Sweden SEK Day before of Christmas Day
25.12.16 Australia AUD Christmas Day Holiday
25.12.16 Canada CAD Christmas Day Holiday
25.12.16 Czech Republic CZK Christmas Day
25.12.16 Denmark DKK Christmas Day
25.12.16 European Union EUR Christmas Day Holiday
25.12.16 Hong Kong HKD Christmas Day
25.12.16 Hungary HUF Christmas Day
25.12.16 International XAU Christmas Day
25.12.16 International XAG Christmas Day
25.12.16 Mexico MXN Christmas Day
25.12.16 New Zealand NZD Christmas Day Holiday
25.12.16 Norway NOK Christmas Day
25.12.16 Poland PLN Christmas Day
25.12.16 Singapore SGD Christmas Day
25.12.16 South Africa ZAR Christmas Day
25.12.16 Sweden SEK Christmas Day
25.12.16 Switzerland CHF Christmas Day Holiday
25.12.16 United Kingdom GBP Christmas Day Holiday
25.12.16 United States USD Christmas Day Holiday
26.12.16 Australia AUD Bank holiday
26.12.16 Canada CAD Bank holiday
26.12.16 Czech Republic CZK St. Stephens Day
26.12.16 Denmark DKK Boxing Day
26.12.16 European Union EUR Bank holiday
26.12.16 Hong Kong HKD The first weekday after Christmas Day
26.12.16 Hungary HUF Second Day of Christmas
26.12.16 Mexico MXN Christmas Day observed
26.12.16 New Zealand NZD Bank holiday
26.12.16 Norway NOK Boxing Day
26.12.16 Poland PLN St. Stephens Day
26.12.16 Singapore SGD Second Day of Christmas
26.12.16 South Africa ZAR Day Of Goodwill
26.12.16 Sweden SEK Second Day of Christmas
26.12.16 Switzerland CHF Bank holiday
26.12.16 United Kingdom GBP Bank holiday
26.12.16 United States USD Bank holiday
27.12.16 Australia AUD Bank holiday
27.12.16 Canada CAD Bank holiday
27.12.16 Hong Kong HKD Christmas Day observed
27.12.16 New Zealand NZD Bank holiday
27.12.16 United Kingdom GBP Bank holiday
31.12.16 Japan JPY Bank holiday

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