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Forex calendar
06.10.2014 - 10.10.2014

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Manufacturing orders (August) seasonally adjusted Manufacturing orders (August) not seasonally adjusted, workday adjusted Y/Y BoJ meeting announcement RBA meeting announcement Leading indicators composite index (August) preliminary Coincident indicators composite index (August) preliminary Industrial production (August) seasonally adjusted Industrial production (August) not seasonally adjusted, workday adjusted Y/Y Industrial production (August) Industrial production (August) Y/Y Manufacturing output (August) Manufacturing output (August) Y/Y Redbook (04.10) Consumer credit (August), bln Current account (August) unadjusted, trln BoJ monthly economic report Halifax house price index (September) Halifax house price index (September) 3m Y/Y FOMC meeting minutes (16-17.09) Machinery orders core (August) adjusted Machinery orders core (August) unadjusted Y/Y Current account (August) unadjusted, bln Trade balance (August) unadjusted, bln BoE meeting announcement BoE QE, bln Jobless claims (week to 04.10) Wholesale inventories (August) M2 money supply (29.09), bln Tertiary activity index (August) BoJ meeting minutes Industrial production (August) Industrial production (August) Y/Y Industrial production (August) adjusted Industrial production (August) Y/Y adjusted Trade in goods (August), bln Non-EU trade (August), bln Employment (September) Unemployment rate (September) Import prices (September) Export prices (September)

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