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Forex calendar
27.04.2015 - 01.05.2015

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Import prices (March) Import prices (March) Y/Y CBI industrial order books balance (April) Unemployment (March) Unemployment (March), mln Retail sales (March) Y/Y Consumer confidence (April) GDP (Q1) preliminary GDP (Q1) preliminary Y/Y Redbook (25.04) Consumer confidence (April) Day of the Nature Nationwide house price index (April) Nationwide house price index (April) Y/Y M3 money supply (March) adjusted Y/Y M3 money supply (3 months to March) adjusted Y/Y Consumer confidence (April) Business confidence (April) Economic sentiment index (April) Business climate indicator (April) CBI retail sales volume balance (April) CPI (April) preliminary CPI (April) preliminary Y/Y HICP (April) preliminary Y/Y GDP (Q1) advance Y/Y PCE price index (Q1) advance PCE price index ex food, energy (Q1) advance PPI (March) PPI (March) Y/Y FOMC meeting announcement RBNZ meeting announcement Gfk consumer confidence (April) Industrial output (March) preliminary Industrial output (March) preliminary Y/Y BoJ meeting announcement Housing starts (March) Y/Y Construction orders (March) Y/Y Retail sales (March) real adjusted Retail sales (March) real unadjusted Y/Y Consumer spending (March) Consumer spending (March) Y/Y PPI (March) PPI (March) Y/Y Unemployment (April) seasonally adjusted Unemployment (April) seasonally adjusted, mln Unemployment rate (April) seasonally adjusted Unemployment (April) seasonally unadjusted, mln Unemployment rate (April) seasonally unadjusted CPI (April) preliminary CPI (April) preliminary Y/Y HICP (April) preliminary Y/Y Harmonized CPI (April) Y/Y preliminary Unemployment (March) PPI (March) PPI (March) Y/Y Jobless claims (week to 25.04) Personal income (March) Personal spending (March) PCE price index ex food, energy (March) PCE price index ex food, energy (March) Y/Y Employment cost index (Q1) GDP (February) Chicago PMI (April) M2 money supply (20.04), bln Nationwide CPI (March) adjusted Nationwide CPI (March) Y/Y Nationwide CPI ex fresh food (March) Y/Y Tokyo-area CPI (April) adjusted Tokyo-area CPI (April) Y/Y Tokyo-area CPI ex fresh food (April) Y/Y Household spending (March) real Y/Y Unemployment (March) Labour Day Labour Day PMI manufacturing index (April) M4 money supply (March) final M4 money supply (March) final Y/Y Consumer credit (March), bln ISM Mfg PMI (April) Construction spending (March) Michigan sentiment index (April) final

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