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Funds receipt and return methods

Transfers from/to your payment cards.
Interkassa payment system
Skrill payment system
WebMoney payment system
ePayments payment system
Bank transfers

Forexite TradeRoom payment systemsForexite TradeRoom payment systemsForexite TradeRoom payment systemsForexite TradeRoom payment systemsForexite TradeRoom payment systems

We offer a number of ways for you to make a deposit to your trading account. Currently they are: by payment card, transfers through the payment systems of Skrill, WebMoney, ePayments, bank transfers and other methods.

You can transfer your funds from your trading account either to your other Visa or MasterCard payment card, to your account or purse in the payment systems or you can use a bank transfer.

You can find the detailed instructions for each payment method in the Payments section of the TradeRoom system. To do it:

  1. Log on to the TradeRoom system.
  2. Go to Payments - Account Funding (or to Payments - Funds Transfer if you are going to withdraw the funds).
  3. Select the payment method of your interest. You will see the detailed instruction and the payment details at the bottom of the page.

We do not charge any fees for the incoming payments. However, you may have to pay the fee to the bank or the payment institution that you are making the transfer with. You can find the payment fees on the payment systems or your bank web-sites.

The payment fees depend on the payment method, and on the currency in which you transfer the funds. You can find the information on the transfer fees in our Trading Conditions.

Transfers from/to your payment cards.

You can use your Visa, MasterCard or MIR payment cards to fund your trading account. The payment system used for funding depends on the currency selected. The account crediting is for free and almost immediate.

You can also use your Visa, MasterCard or MIR payment cards to transfer the funds from your trading account to them. The transfers can be made in USD, EUR, RUB, and UAH. For more information on the transfer fees see our Trading Conditions.

Interkassa payment system

The Interkassa online payment system is a payment aggregator which offers different funds transfer methods in a simple and intuitive interface. You can not only fund your account, but also transfer funds, including direct transfers to the payment cards issued by Russian and Ukrainian banks.

Interkassa aggregates over 50 different payment methods. They include:

  • Payment cards (Visa, MasterCard and MIR).
  • PerfectMoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi Wallet, Wallet One, Advcash, and Bitcoin payment systems.
  • Internet-bank PSB-Retail (Promsvyazbank), Alpha-Click (Alphabank).
  • Qiwi terminals.
  • Communication stores in Russia and Ukraine.

The Interkassa system supports payments in the following currencies: USD, EUR, RUB, and UAH. Our customers from Russia and Ukraine can fund their trading accounts and transfer the funds in their national currencies without any extra conversion fees.

Skrill payment system

The online payments system Skrill is one of the most convenient ways to send and receive money, and to make online payments. You can credit your Skrill account in three ways: by payment card, bank transfer or having received a transfer from another client within the Skrill system.

You can register to Skrill here.

The main features of the Skrill payment system:

  • A Skrill account is opened in a currency of your choice, as selected by you from the available currencies during the registration process. However, you can send and receive payments in any currency which the system supports. In this case the conversion will be made automatically.
  • You will be required to complete the verification procedure to withdraw your funds from your account as well as to increase your payment limit. The procedure has several levels. The more data you provide about yourself, the more opportunities you get.
  • There is no fee for an incoming payment to the Skrill account, but there is a fee for the funds withdrawal, and transfers within the system. The Skrill fees are the lowest among the payment systems of the like.
  • The money transfers within Skrill are almost instant. The money withdrawal to the payment card linked to your Skrill account can take up to several days.
  • Skrill offers its customers its own payment card Skrill Prepaid MasterCard, with direct access to your Skrill account, so you do not have to credit your card account.

WebMoney payment system

WebMoney is an online payment system via Internet. WebMoney transfers are fast and cost-efficient.

The WebMoney system uses its own abbreviations for currencies: WMZ, WME, WMR, and WMU. The currencies used in TradeRoom corresponding to them are standard: USD, EUR, RUB, and UAH. You can fund your WebMoney account with cash, a bank transfer or electronic money, etc. For details, please see Top-up method.

Main features of the WebMoney payment system:

  • You need to register to use the WebMoney system.
  • The account owner can optionally get a WM-passport, which is a digital identifier issued to the customer who has confirmed his (her) personal information at the verification center. The WM-passport raises the limits on the account funding and transferring the funds. In most cases, it is enough to obtain the Formal passport issued for free after you specify your passport details.
  • For the WebMoney fees please refer to the WebMoney Fees page.
  • The terms for the WebMoney transfers usually range from several minutes to several hours.

ePayments payment system

The ePayments payment system offers funding your wallet with a bank transfer, transfers from other ePayments' users, by payment card, or from a crypto-currency wallet. You can transfer funds to your ePayments MasterCard, your other payment card, your bank account, another ePayments user's account, convert to crypto-currencies, etc.

Main features:

  • You should register and pass the verification process to use the ePayments system. The verification requires sending the electronic copies of your identity documents and those confirming your residence address. The verification takes up to 5-7 business days.
  • The wallet is created in three currencies: USD, EUR and RUB.
  • The payment system supports transfers of funds into crypto-currencies.
  • ePayments offers its members an ePayments MasterCard payment card. The card is available to all users including those who live outside of EU.
  • There is a monthly fee for the payment card servicing.
  • For the ePayments fees please refer to the Fees on the ePayments e-wallet.

Bank transfers

You can fund your TradeRoom account with a bank transfer. This method is more suitable for a larger amount of money.

The currencies you can fund your account in are listed in the Trading Conditions. The banking details for the bank payments are specified on the Payments - Account Funding page of the TradeRoom system.

Log on to TradeRoom and fill in the transfer order to transfer the funds from your TradeRoom account to that with a bank. If you fill in the order correctly, it is usually executed on that very day. It takes 2-5 business days for the funds to be credited to your bank account, which depends on the banking system.



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