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Charts of the currency rate changes in TradeRoom

  1. Introduction
  2. Registration and trading account opening
  3. Forexite TradeRoom interface
  4. Crediting and activation of trading account
  5. Making deals
  6. Operations with orders
  7. Charts of the currency rate changes
  8. Review of trading system reports
  9. Service functions in TradeRoom
  10. Some system settings
  11. Withdrawals from trading account
  12. Trading conditions; session termination
  13. TradeRoom features, distinctions and advantages

You can view the chart of the currency rate changes for the selected instrument in the "Charts" tab.

When you point your mouse onto a bar, a tooltip with the detailed information about the bar appears: its time, the rate at the mouse position, and the Open, High, Low, Close rates.

If you have an open position for an instrument, it is displayed as a green line on the chart. The line starts opposite the date when the position has been opened or modified. There is a notch at the beginning of the line, which denotes the position direction: upwards if the amount is positive (a long position, buy), and downwards if the amount is negative (a short position, sell).

Charts of the currency rate changes

If there are orders set for the instrument, they will also be shown on the chart. Stop-orders are indicated with a red line, while Limit-orders with a blue one. When you mouse over an order which has linked If-Done orders, they will also be highlighted.

If there are orders set for the instrument, they will also be shown on the chart

It is possible now to manage the orders right from the chartYou can manage - create, edit and cancel - your orders right on the chart. E.g., if you want to change the order rate, just place your mouse on the order line and move it to a new place holding the left mouse button.

If you need to change the other parameters of the order (e.g., instrument, operation, amount) or edit the linked orders, etc., use the editing form which is called from the context menu. You can also cancel the order selected or place a new order with a selected rate from the context menu.

The "Charts" tab has tools for trades execution, too.

The Charts tab has tools for execution of trades

You can make a new deal in two ways:

  1. Press button "Trade" below the chart.
  2. Or, click in a blank space of the chart and call out the context menu in which select the "Trade" item.

Then the quotes will be displayed on the monitor which you will be able to make a deal at.

You can use the following controls to change the display of the data:

  • "Instrument" - select the currency pair the chart of which you want to be displayed.
  • "Period" - select the period of time which one bar corresponds to. The periods available are: 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240, 480 minutes, a day, a week, a month. The period selection allows for adjustment of the chart details: the smaller the period, the more detailed the chart is.
  • "Type" - you can choose the chart shape: a candle, bars (OHLC, HLC, HL), or a line.
  • "Rate" allows for selection of the rates Bid or Ask to be displayed on the chart. It can be of use, e.g., when you want to control the order execution. If the order is to be executed at the Ask rate, then it is more convenient to see the Ask rate.
  • Crosshair mode - activates the crosshair mouse mode. This mode allows viewing the rate information in any point of the chart.
  • Scrolling mode - activates the scrolling mouse mode. You can scroll the chart to select the visible area in this mode.
  • Automatic scaling - enables or disables the automatic scaling of the chart.
  • Preferences - displays the chart preferences window. You can select what elements will be displayed on the chart.
  • Help - displays the chart help page.

You can use the following controls to change the display of the data

You can read more about the manipulation with the "Charts" tab in the TradeRoom system online help.