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Other TradeRoom features, distinctions and advantages

  1. Introduction
  2. Registration and trading account opening
  3. Forexite TradeRoom interface
  4. Crediting and activation of trading account
  5. Making deals
  6. Operations with orders
  7. Charts of the currency rate changes
  8. Review of trading system reports
  9. Service functions in TradeRoom
  10. Some system settings
  11. Withdrawals from trading account
  12. Trading conditions; session termination
  13. TradeRoom features, distinctions and advantages

It's not possible to detail all Forexite TradeRoom features within one article. Let us briefly enumerate its other distinguishing features.

  • The trading conditions for both real and virtual accounts are the same. We are interested in an honest partnership with our clients; therefore the trading conditions for virtual accounts correspond to the real market conditions in full.

  • You can work with whatever low risk which you determine for yourself personally based on your finance amount or any other criteria. Since a trade can be of any amount, starting even from 1 USD, then the risk level (a ratio of the position size to that of the deposit) can be infinitesimal.

  • The open positions can be held for an unlimited time, and yet you can get a positive rollover (i.e. income on the rollover) according to the trading conditions.

  • You can have a pause in trading for any period. There are no trading activity requirements. The only thing you should bear in mind is that the virtual accounts you have not logged in to for a month, are automatically closed. To re-open the closed virtual account, just log it in.

  • We do not have any requirements as to the minimum size of the deposit. After you open an account, you are not obliged to credit you account with the funds within a certain period of time or in a certain amount. In case you reduce your deposit, you just go on trading with lesser amounts.

  • You can open several accounts with TradeRoom. Trades can be executed on any of the accounts, and you can freely transfer the funds not involved in the support of the open positions, between them at any time.

  • You can withdraw funds without closing the positions, including withdrawal of unrealized profit on the open positions. Transfers are possible within the free funds not involved in the support of the open positions.

  • Public quoting. Every quote becomes accessible for trading to each client, regardless of their positions, direction and frequency of trades, trading volumes and methods. It eliminates any manipulations with the quotes since they are at all clients' disposal, and can be easily compared with the quotes from the other independent sources.

At that point our brief introduction to the Forexite TradeRoom is over. Now you are ready to go to the account registration page to register an account and try TradeRoom on your own.

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