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Forex trading with Forexite TradeRoom

  1. Introduction
  2. Registration and trading account opening
  3. Forexite TradeRoom interface
  4. Crediting and activation of trading account
  5. Making deals
  6. Operations with orders
  7. Charts of the currency rate changes
  8. Review of trading system reports
  9. Service functions in TradeRoom
  10. Some system settings
  11. Withdrawals from trading account
  12. Trading conditions; session termination
  13. TradeRoom features, distinctions and advantages

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Using the Forexite TradeRoom platform you can easily trade in the Forex market via the Internet. The system provides with a real-time trade execution, a trading account management, and the information about the account balance.

You should neither download nor install any special software for TradeRoom to run. An Internet connection and an Internet browser installed on your PC would be enough. TradeRoom does not depend on the operating system installed in your PC. It is compatible with all basic Internet browsers, such as:

  • Internet Explorer Internet Explorer.
  • Firefox Firefox.
  • Opera Opera.
  • Safari Safari.
  • Google Chrome Google Chrome and etc.

TradeRoom-to-your-PC data exchange takes place in the SSL protocol encrypted form only. This secures a strict discretion and safety of your activities.

A number of advantages makes trading through the Forexite TradeRoom different from the other trading systems:

  1. A possibility to trade with a low risk - a safety Forex trading.
  2. No slippage at the order execution (in normal market conditions).The trading terms on both real and virtual accounts completely coincide.
  3. A public quotation.
  4. Confidentiality.
  5. No restrictions on the minimum deposit.
  6. A daily accrual of interest.
  7. Any amount of deals.
  8. Virtual trading without restrictions.

There is also TradeRoomMini - a mobile terminal for smartphones and communicators. You can find the description of TradeRoomMini as well as the handling procedure in our article "Tour to Forexite TradeRoom Mini".

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