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Forexite Trading Conditions

Account registration and maintenance
Payment fees
Trade execution
Physical delivery (Conversion)
Trading hours
Equity requirements
Order operations
Additional features
Instruments information (spreads, rollovers)
Currency information (interest rates)
Trading Conditions FAQ


Account registration and maintenance
Minimum deposit for account registration1 USD
Minimum equity for trade1 USD
Recommended minimum deposit500 USD
Funding and Refunding currenciessee Currency information
Funding and Refunding methodsVisa, MasterCard, bank transfer,
and more
Account typemarginal multicurrency
Periodicity of deposit interest additiondaily
Interest ratessee Currency information
Refund period (depends on the refund methods)0 to 3 days
Account registration, operation and closingfree

Payment fees

Trade execution
Minimum Forex trade amount1 USD
Maximum Forex trade amount5,000,000 USD
Minimum spread is provided for amounts starting from1 USD
Lot sizeany
Round amounts requirementnone
Possibility to specify the trade amount in a base or a quoted currency

Physical delivery (Conversion)
Minimum Conversion trade amount0.01 USD
Maximum Conversion trade amount100,000 USD
Spread for Conversion tradessee Instruments information
Physical delivery is performed in currenciessee Currency information
Minimum amount for physical delivery500 USD
Maximum amount for physical delivery100,000 USD
Term of paymentssee Account registration and maintenance
Payment costssee Payment fees

Trading hours
24 hours, except for weekends
Trade opening timeSunday 23:00 GMT+01
Trade closing timeFriday 23:00 GMT+01
Position rollover time00:00 GMT+01
There are extra trading breaks for some instruments
On weekends, Forex trading is closed; however, currency conversion is available
The instruments with a 24/7 schedule can be traded 24 hours a day including weekends
The virtual (demo) accounts have all operations available on weekends
On weekends, access to the system may be closed during scheduled maintenance

Equity requirements
Required margin for opening a position (leverage)
 • when using the assets from 0 USD to 50,000 USD1% (100)
 • when using the assets from 50,000 USD to 100,000 USD2% (50)
 • when using the assets more than 100,000 USD4% (25)
Minimum margin, % of the required one25%
Minimum margin for weekends, % of the required one50%
Maximum open position on the client's account10,000,000 USD

Order operations
Minimum order amount1 USD
Maximum order amount5,000,000 USD
Slippage at order execution (in normal market conditions)absent
Limitation on placing an order close to the current ratenone
Order typesStop, Limit
Automatic order type identification
Order linksOCO, If done
Order validity periodGTC, GTD (Good till Day), GTW (Good till Week), GTT (Good till Time), GTP (Good till Position close)
Possibility to specify order rate as an increment to a base rate
Trailing feature for Stop-ordersserver-based
Minimum trailing step1 * instrument spread

Additional features
Access to the account from a mobile phone via TradeRoom Mini system
Customizable automatic currency conversion
Customizable set of instruments for Forex trade
Customizable set of standard trade amounts
Customizable default order rates
Notification of events by e-mail

Instruments information (spreads, rollovers)
#InstrumentSpread for trades  Quote    
Position rolloverTrading hours,
1EUR/USD3501.1247 / 50-0.2-0.4
2GBP/USD4501.2482 / 86-0.2-0.3
3USD/CHF4500.9447 / 51-0.5+0.0
4USD/JPY350107.50 / 53-0.4-0.2
5EUR/GBP4500.9008 / 12-0.2-0.3
6EUR/CHF5601.0628 / 33-0.5-0.1
7EUR/JPY460120.92 / 96-0.3-0.3
8GBP/CHF7901.1793 / 00-0.6+0.0
9GBP/JPY790134.17 / 24-0.4-0.2
10CHF/JPY580113.74 / 79-0.1-0.6
11USD/CAD4801.3547 / 51-0.3-0.3
12EUR/CAD7801.5238 / 45-0.2-0.4
13AUD/USD4800.6939 / 43-0.2-0.2
14AUD/JPY68074.60 / 66-0.3-0.1
15NZD/USD4800.6533 / 37-0.2-0.2
16NZD/JPY68070.24 / 30-0.3-0.1
17XAU/USD6801,775.0 /5.6-0.7-0.9
18XAG/USD43018.03 / 07-0.4-0.6
19USD/NOK5809.519 / 24-0.3-0.1
20USD/SEK5809.312 / 17-0.2-0.1
21USD/DKK4806.624 / 28-0.4+0.0
22USD/CZK43023.71 / 75-0.1-0.1
23USD/HUF430313.8 /4.2-0.1-0.2
24USD/PLN4303.966 / 70-0.2-0.2
25USD/SGD10901.3941 / 51+0.4-1.0
26USD/ZAR109017.015 / 25+1.6-2.3
27USD/RUB107071.38 / 48+0.0-2.409:00-18:00
28EUR/RUB107080.26 / 36+0.1-2.509:00-18:00
29USD/UAH103027.07 / 17-0.7-2.309:00-18:00
30EUR/UAH103030.44 / 54-0.6-2.409:00-18:00
31USD/HKD104007.7496 / 06+3.3-6.3
32EUR/HKD154008.7174 / 89+3.5-8.5
33USD/CNH304007.0671 / 01+0.6-11.6
34EUR/CNH304007.9502 / 32+0.7-13.7
35USD/ILS5403.434 / 39-0.4-0.4
36EUR/ILS5503.864 / 69-1.0-1.0
37USD/MXN109022.375 / 85+0.1-6.1
38EUR/MXN159025.168 / 83+0.3-6.8
39USD/TRY404006.8604 / 44-5.5-29.5
40EUR/TRY404007.7182 / 22-6.2-28.8
41BTC/USD10409,053 / 63-0.2-0.824/7
42ETH/USD80180224.79 / 59-17.5-12.524/7
43LTC/USD409041.01 / 41-9.5-6.524/7
44BTC/EUR10408,048 / 58-0.2-0.724/7
45ETH/EUR80180199.80 / 60-17.6-12.424/7
46LTC/EUR409036.44 / 84-9.5-6.524/7
47USX/USD105097.09 / 19-0.9-1.1
48DJI/USD259025,616 / 41-1.7-3.1
49SPX/USD3203,114 / 17-0.2-0.4
50NDQ/USD74010,326 / 33-0.3-0.9
51WTI/USD53040.25 / 30-1.0-2.000:00-23:00
52BRN/USD64042.75 / 81-1.0-2.002:00-00:00
53GAS/USD20801.738 / 58-1.1-3.900:00-23:00
54EUR/AUD10901.6202 / 12-0.9-1.1
55EUR/NZD10901.7208 / 18-1.1-1.3
56XAU/EUR7801,577.8 /8.5-2.1-0.8
57XAG/EUR53016.02 / 07-1.5-0.4
58EUR/NOK58010.709 / 14-0.4-0.4
59EUR/SEK58010.476 / 81-0.4-0.4
60EUR/DKK4807.452 / 56-0.4-0.1
61EUR/CZK44026.67 / 71-0.7-0.8
62EUR/HUF440353.1 /3.5-0.4-0.6
63EUR/PLN4404.462 / 66-0.5-0.5
64EUR/SGD15901.5681 / 96+0.3-1.3
65EUR/ZAR159019.139 / 54-0.2-4.8
66GBP/CAD10901.6909 / 19-0.4-0.6
67GBP/AUD10901.7980 / 90-0.9-1.1
68GBP/NZD10901.9098 / 08-1.4-1.6
69AUD/CHF8800.6556 / 64-1.2-0.8
70AUD/CAD8900.9401 / 09-0.5-0.5
71AUD/NZD8901.0617 / 25-0.5-0.5
72NZD/CHF7700.6173 / 80-1.2-0.8
73NZD/CAD7900.8852 / 59-0.5-0.5
74CAD/CHF7800.6972 / 79-0.7-0.3
75CAD/JPY79079.32 / 39-0.4-0.3

  1. Spread does not depend on the amount.
  2. Dashes in Forex Spread and Position rollover columns indicate that no Forex trade is allowed for this instrument.
  3. "Position rollover Sell" means conditions of transfer of "short" (the base currency is sold) positions to the next value date. "Position rollover Buy" means conditions of transfer of "long" (the base currency is bought) positions to the next value date.
  4. The "-1.5" value in the Position rollover column implies you pay 1.5 points per day for position rollover; "+0.5" means that you earn 0.5 points a day for position rollover.
  5. The "Trading hours" column shows the trading time for the instrument if it differs from the standard schedule. The instruments scheduled 24/7 can be traded around the clock including weekends.

Currency information (interest rates)
# Currency
Currency name Interest rate   Deposit  Withdrawal
Deposit Credit
1USDUS Dollar0.1%4.6%YesYes
3GBPBritish Pound0.1%4.6%YesYes
4CHFSwiss Franc0.0%4.5%YesYes
5JPYJapanese Yen0.0%4.5%YesYes
6CADCanadian Dollar0.1%4.6%YesYes
7AUDAustralian Dollar0.1%4.6%YesYes
8NZDNew Zealand Dollar0.1%4.6%YesYes
11NOKNorwegian Krone0.0%4.5%YesYes
12SEKSwedish Krona0.0%4.5%YesYes
13DKKDanish Krone0.0%4.5%YesYes
14CZKCzech Koruna0.1%4.6%YesYes
15HUFHungarian Forint0.1%4.6%YesYes
16PLNPolish Zloty0.2%4.7%YesYes
17SGDSingapore Dollar0.9%5.4%YesYes
18ZARSouth African Rand3.2%11.2%YesYes
19HKDHong Kong Dollar1.7%6.2%YesYes
20CNHChinese Yuan1.1%8.1%YesYes
21ILSIsraeli Shekel0.1%5.1%YesYes
22MXNMexican Peso2.5%11.0%YesYes
23TRYTurkish Lira5.3%20.1%YesYes
24RUBRussian Rouble3.4%23.4%YesYes
25UAHUkrainian Hrivna5.0%30.0%YesYes
29USXUS Dollar Index-0.6%3.9%
30DJIDow 30 Index-0.6%3.9%
31SPXS&P 500 Index-0.6%3.9%
32NDQNASDAQ 100 Index-0.6%3.9%
33WTIWTI Oil-2.6%12.4%
34BRNBrent Oil-2.4%10.6%
35GASNatural Gas-1.2%4.8%

  1. The table indicates the annual interest rates
  2. Interest on balances in each currency is added daily: plus Deposit on positive balance, minus Credit on negative balance.
  3. Interest is added after position transfer by rollovers, i.e., interest is not added to open positions.

Trading Conditions FAQ