TradeRoom Preferences

This page serves to set the TradeRoom system parameters.

Functions of the control elements

Startup page selects the TradeRoom page to be displayed after you log in to the system. The default page is Trading.

Terminate TradeRoom session when idle – the TradeRoom system will automatically terminate your session when the option is enabled and you do not interact with the system for the specified time.

1. Not all of your interactions with TradeRoom are counted, but only the those that generate a data exchange with the server: executing a trade, placing or editing an order, viewing a report, navigating between the TradeRoom pages.
2. The session can be terminated regardless of this option, in case the internet connection is disabled or lost, or the TradeRoom window is closed.
3. After you finish with a session, remember to log out of the system with the Log Off menu command.

Session expiration time-out sets the value of your inactivity period after which the TradeRoom session will be automatically terminated. The time is specified in minutes. This option is not available and is not used when the automatic session termination is disabled.

Do not specify too high time-out values if there can be strangers in the room. This may increase the risk of the account information disclosure.

Automatic data update – if the option is enabled, the information on the open positions, current balances, active orders, etc. will be automatically updated to provide you with the current data. You may disable the option to save the traffic. In this case you will have to update the data manually, with the Refresh button, or through the context menu.

User interface language selects the language of the TradeRoom system. At present, Russian and English are available.

1. Switching the interface language does not affect some already existing data such as messages, additional information about some events in the Event Log, payment notes, etc.
2. The selected language is used only after logging on to the account. When no user is logged on, the interface language is selected according to preferred language configured in the client's browser. For additional information about default language selection, see the Selecting the default language of the user interface page.

Date format selects the format the dates in the TradeRoom system to be displayed in. The format sets the date sequence (dd – date, mm – month, yyyy – year) and the separator.

First day of week – select what day you want to have as the first day of the week, Sunday or Monday. The configuration affects the calendar, which is displayed when you enter the date. It also affects the display of weeks in some of the reports.

Time zone – select your time zone. The system will display the date and time information (e.g., the date and time of the deals) according to the selected time zone. You can change the time zone if necessary; the displayed date and time will change according to the new settings in this case.

Number format specifies the format the numbers in TradeRoom to be displayed in. The format is set with the following controls:

Hint. If you want to copy some data from the TradeRoom system into another program (e.g., in Excel) for further analysis, you are recommended to select the number format, which is used in this program to secure their correct recognition. For instance, the number format for Excel should coincide with the format specified in the Windows regional settings.

TradeRoom hints – Re-enable – the option allows you to resume displaying the TradeRoom operation hints you have closed, e.g. the Trading page hints. The hints are re-enabled immediately at the button press, so you don't need to click the Save button if no other preferences have been changed.

Save saves changed preferences.

Cancel returns from the preferences page without saving the changes.

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