Balance Automatic Conversion

When trading different instruments, profit or loss is formed in different currencies. Autoconversion allows selecting a preferred way of converting the rests on a multicurrency trading account into US dollars or other currency. When opening an account, daily automatic conversion of all currencies into US dollars is set by default.

Conversion is performed after transfer of open positions by Rollovers so that autoconversion does not affect open positions relating to Forex trades. Remember, however, that in trading with small amounts (conversion-type trades), it is necessary to switch off daily autoconversion if you wish to preserve positions for a long period of time.

Autoconversion period selects the frequency of automatic currency conversion or switches conversion off. The dropdown list offers the following options: off, daily, weekly, and monthly.

Convert to currency is the field for selecting a currency into which other currencies will be converted at a prescribed frequency.

Do not convert selected currencies is the field for selecting currencies which will be excluded from the general rule of automatic conversion. You may select several currencies by using a mouse in combination with Ctrl or Shift key.

Save saves changed settings.

Cancel returns from the page without saving the changes.

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