Deal Details

This page contains detailed information on a deal or a pair of Rollover deals, as well as a list of executed accounting transactions.

Description of the form fields

Instrument is a pair of currencies participating in a deal*.

Amount is the deal amount.

Currency is the deal currency.

Rate is the rate at which a trade was executed*.

Deal type is a deal type: Deposit, Forex, Rollover, etc.

Paired deal is the number of a paired deal. It is available only for Rollover deals which are always made in pairs: a closing deal closes open positions for the Tom value date and an opening deal opens these positions, but for the Spot date. To see it better, the paired deal is also displayed on this page in the next column.

Deal date is the date of receiving a request for executing a trade; in most cases, it coincides with the trade execution date.

Deal number is the serial number the TradeRoom system assigned to the deal.

Source indicates where an order for a deal was received from.

Status reflects the deal processing procedure. Most deals immediately obtain the Executed status, but some deals connected with transfer of funds to or from accounts need to be confirmed by the company's employees. Before confirming, such deals obtain the Pending status and if execution of a trade was not allowed for some reason, it obtains the Rejected status.

Notes means notes concerning the deal, if any.

Back means going back to the previous page.

*Note: the Instrument and Rate fields are accessible only for deals relating to a pair of currencies, i.e. Forex, Conversion, Rollover.

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