Personal Data

This page is designed for entering your personal information at the account registration, and for viewing and editing this data on the existing account.

When you register a virtual account, a short version of this page is used to provide the required information only. If you wish, you can specify any additional information about you in the account preferences after the registration is complete.

At the registration of a real account and when editing the account data, the full version of the page is used.

To change the data, make modifications in the corresponding fields and click the Save button. The required fields are highlighted in color. If any required field does not apply to you, you can enter a dash. To change the data, which you cannot edit through this page, please write a message to the Forexite's Clients Department indicating the required changes and their reasoning.

Description of the form fields

Personal Data is your Last Name, First Name, Second Name, Date of Birth, and Citizenship.

This data cannot be edited on the real account after the registration is complete, so please pay extra attention when filling it in.

Passport: Number, Expiry date are your passport data. Please specify your passport series and number in the Number field.

On the real account, this data is verified when you change it. You will be able to execute trades and perform the order operations only after the verification is complete. The verification usually takes a few hours.

Permanent Residence Address is your complete postal address: Country, State or province, City, ZIP code, street Address.

Contact Information is your Phone number and E-mail address to communicate with you. Please state your phone number with your area (country and city) code, and your valid e-mail address; please check the information accurately to avoid any possible misprints.

Time zone is the field to select your time zone. All information in the TradeRoom system relating to the Time zone and Time (such as the date and time of the trade execution) will be displayed according to the time zone you select. You can change the time zone if necessary; the date and time displayed will be changed in this case as well.

Account holder is the field to select the account holder type – a natural person or a company. If you select the company, you will have to submit the information about it.

Continue > continues to the next step of the registration. This button is displayed only at the account registration.

Save saves the changes. This button is displayed only when you edit the existing account data.

Cancel serves to reject changes or to cancel the account registration.

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