Phone Password

A phone password is needed for trading or for obtaining information on the state of account over telephone (in the absence of Internet connection). When contacting Forexite by phone for this information, your account number and phone password are required.

The Phone Password page is used to specify a phone password after account registration or to change the phone password.

When selecting a phone password, see about making it easy and quick to pronounce and easily perceptible to ear. This will expedite identification over telephone. To meet these requirements, words and numbers should not be long. It is not recommended to use symbols of different cases and different alphabets. When selecting a password, make sure is cannot be guessed by simple search of the most obvious combinations. Do not use your first name, last name, the names of your relatives, your phone number, user name, account number or part of it or Internet password. It is not recommended to take down a password in your notebook, at least in a form comprehensible to other people. It is recommended to change your phone password from time to time, for example, once a quarter.

It is not allowed to use symbols of national alphabets (such as Ã, È, ö, ü) or special symbols (©, ®, ¾, ±, ¢, £) in a phone password.

To change the phone password, it is necessary to enter the Internet password in corresponding form field, then to enter twice a new phone password and click on the Change button.

Description of the form fields

Current Internet password is a field for entering your current Internet password (for control of the right to change a phone password).

New phone password is a field for entering a new phone password.

Confirm phone password is a field for a repeated entering of a new phone password (for avoiding an error).

Change saves a new phone password.

Cancel serves to reject a change of a phone password and to exit the form.

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