Trading styles

The TradeRoom system allows trading in one of two styles:

You can switch between the trading styles at any time as well as set your own preferences.

When trading in the TradeRoom Classic style, all deals on an instrument are combined into a position for that instrument. A position with all deals is closed when it goes zeroed. E.g., you have a EUR/USD open position for -10'000 EUR. Then this position and all deals in EUR/USD will be closed when a EUR/USD 10'000 EUR trade is executed.

After opening a position, the system offers to place orders which close this position (this can be disabled in the preferences). The amounts of these orders are automatically adjusted to the new size of the position at the position change.

As for the Advanced style, it allows you to consider each deal separately. You can open multiple deals in both directions. You can hedge a deal with opposite ones without closing it, i.e. without fixing the resulting profit or loss. You can close the deals one at a time in any order by clicking on the x mark opposite this deal or with the Close command from the deal context menu. You can close all open deals on the instrument at once by closing the position on this instrument by clicking the x mark opposite it, or from a context menu. Please note that when you zero the position using other methods (not with the x mark) all deals remain open in this mode.

The open and the recently closed deals appear in the open positions list when the Advanced style is activated. The + mark appears on the left of each instrument you have the deals for. When you click on this mark, the row expands, and a list of the deals appears below it.

The system offers to place the orders which close the new deal rather than the position after you execute a trade. This is the default behavior which you can change in the preferences. And you can always add or modify the orders to close a deal or a position in the context menu.

You can configure your own trading style with the options on the Trading Preferences page.

Switching the trading style itself does not affect your existing deals and positions. The differences appear only at the execution of a trade that zeroes the open position.

However, when you have zero open positions with open deals and you want to switch from the Advanced style to the TradeRoom Classic one, then these deals will be closed once you save your preferences. Otherwise these deals would remain open after switching to the TradeRoom Classic style though not in the list.

You can switch between the trading styles as well as change the related preferences on the Trading Preferences page.

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