Internet Password

This page serves to change a password for Internet access to the account.

It is not allowed to use symbols of national alphabets (such as Ã, È, ö, ü) or special symbols (©, ®, ¾, ±, ¢, £) in the password.

The password is case-sensitive, i.e. "Password" and "password" is not the same.

When choosing a password, make sure that it is impossible to decode it by a simple search of obvious alternatives. You should not use your first name, last name, names of you relatives, your telephone number, user name, your account number or part of it, and phone password. It is not recommended to take the password down in your notebook, at least in the form comprehensible to other people. It is recommended to change the password from time to time (for example, once a quarter).

To change a password, enter your current Internet password, then enter a new password twice and press the Change button.

Description of the form fields

Current password is a field for entering a current password for access over Internet (for control of the right to change the password). New password is a field for a new password.

Confirm new password is a field for a repeated entry of a new password for avoiding a mistake.

Change saves a new password.

Cancel is for rejecting or changing a password and exiting the form.

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