Data Caching

To speed up Internet web-sites download and display, all modern browsers employ the data caching technology. The point of the technology is to save pages, images, programs and other data once downloaded from the Internet in the temporary folders (a cache) on the user's computer, so that do not re-download the data when accessing them again, but use the file copy from the cache. This noticeably speeds up the loading and display of pages, but it happens that the data on the server has already been updated, and the client browser believes that they have remained unchanged and continues using data from the cache. This is possible if the client uses conservative cache settings when the data in the cache is compared with data on the server too rarely; or when data is cached by your Internet service provider; or when a proxy or firewall used by the client does not allow the headers with the file information on the server.

TradeRoom uses both a client-side and a server-side code. For the system to work, it is important that when the new version is released, the client-side code is updated. Therefore, it is important for the user to properly configure their browser and especially caching.

If you receive a message when upgrading TradeRoom that you still use older versions of pages from the cache, you need to clear the cache to force the browser to receive the updated code from the server.

After clearing the cache, you need to restart TradeRoom by pressing F5.

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