Forexite Contact Form

The contact form serves to send messages to Forexite personnel. Because the TradeRoom system operates through a secured SSL protocol, the messages are also encrypted and inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Therefore, it is better to use this contact form instead of e-mail for exchange of confidential information with Forexite.

To send a message, fill the form fields (compulsory fields are highlighted in color) and press the Send button.

Before sending a message, you are strongly recommended to get acquainted with the context help and to train on a virtual account. This will remove many questions.

Please send unrelated questions in separate messages. This will facilitate the message processing and receiving of a response.

Questions should be answered within 24 hours from receipt (except weekends), but an answer is usually received faster, within several minutes up to several hours.

If a message was sent from the TradeRoom account, the response will arrive to the Messaging page, which may be accessed by selecting the Messaging command in the Service section of the TradeRoom menu.

If you do not have an account with TradeRoom, the response will be sent to your e-mail. However, no guarantee of rapid delivery is given under the circumstances. Therefore, you are recommended to register an account if you have not yet done it. As a result, you will have an opportunity to practice work with TradeRoom system and also to confidentially correspond with the company's personnel with guaranteed message delivery.

Description of the form fields

From section is for your data. These data are necessary for the Forexite personnel to respond to your message or to contact you for a more detailed information. If the message is sent from the TradeRoom logon page, these data have to be entered manually. If the message is sent after logging in, the information about the sender will be automatically filled with the contact information submitted by you at the account registration.

Last name is your last name. This field is compulsory.

First name is your first name. This field is compulsory.

E-mail address is your contact address. This field is compulsory.

Subject is the message subject. This field is compulsory.

Text is the message text. The total message length is limited to 5,000 symbols. It is allowed not to write anything in the message body if the message subject contains all necessary information.

Send is a button for sending the message.

Clear clears all the fields of the contact form.

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