Signing in via social networks

You can get acquainted with the TradeRoom features just by signing in to the system with your Facebook, VK or Google account instead of registering an account in the TradeRoom system. In this case you will get a virtual (demo) account tied to your social network account.

Facebook VK Google

To register a real trading account, you need to complete the standard TradeRoom registration procedure.

Click on the icon of your social network on the TradeRoom logon page to sign in with that social network. You will need to authorize in your social network if you have not signed in to it yet. We don't receive your credentials at the authorization, the social network just reports us the result.

The social network will prompt you to confirm sharing your data with the TradeRoom application if this is the first time you are signing into TradeRoom with it. We use only your name and surname which are stored in your account data. You can edit or add your data later. We recommend that you specify your valid e-mail address right away, so that you can receive the notifications of the account events.

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