Selecting a User Name and a Password

On this page, please specify your user name and password you will use to log on to your account. You can choose your user name only once and cannot change it in the future.

When choosing your login and password, please make sure that it is impossible to decode it by a simple search of the most obvious alternatives. You are recommended not to use your first name, last name, names of your relatives or their birth dates, your telephone number, the number of your account or part of it. Don't use your user name as a password. Please don't write down your credentials in your notebook, at least in the form comprehensible to other people. We recommend that you change your password from time to time (for example, once a quarter).

There is also a hyperlink to the service agreement on this page. You should accept the conditions of this agreement to register an account.

Description of the form fields

User name is a field for your user name to log to your account. This name cannot be changed once the registration is complete.

Any printed characters are allowed in the user name except the double quotes ", symbols of the national alphabets (such as Ã, È, ö, ü), or special symbols (©, ®, ¾, ±, ¢, £).

The user name is case-insensitive, i.e. "UserName" and "uSERnAME" are the same.

If the chosen name is already in use, after you click on the Continue > button you will receive a message offering you to select a different name. To simplify the search of the names available you will be offered a few variants similar to your entry. You can click on any of these variants to substitute it into the User Name field.

Password is a field for your password to enter the system. The symbols of the national alphabets (such as Ã, È, ö, ü), or any special symbols (©, ®, ¾, ±, ¢, £) are not allowed.

The password is case-sensitive, i.e. "Password" and "password" is not the same.

Confirm password is a field for a repeated entry of your password (to avoid a mistake). Just enter your password once again.

I accept the conditions of the agreement – tick the box to confirm that you accept the conditions of the agreement. You can read the agreement text by clicking on the hyperlink near the checkbox. The Continue > button is enabled only after you accept the agreement.

< Back goes to the previous step of the registration.

Continue > creates the account and completes the registration.

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