Funds Transfer

On this page, you can place the funds payment order and submit it to Forexite.

At the top of the page there is a brief instruction on the procedure of the funds transfer from the account. There are also detailed instructions – which differ for different payment methods – in the bottom part of the page. If the instructions are minimized to a headline, you can expand them by clicking the symbol near to the headline. A second click minimizes the text back. When you work with a virtual account the instructions are needed for studying only.

The order filling starts with the selection of the payment method you need. Please bear in mind that some currencies can be transferred only by some certain methods.

The transfer method selection defines the further view of the page and the fields on it. The name of the same field can be different for different payment methods since we use the name used in the payment system selected, for each method.

Requirements for data filing are also different. E.g., all data of the recipient, recipient's bank, and the details of payment for a bank wire transfer should be filled in with the Latin symbols only. The exact rules for the order filling are given in the transfer instruction for each method.

A commission fee is debited from the account for the funds transfer. The amount of the fee is defined in the trading conditions; you can see the amount in the bottom part of the page (above the Submit button) after you select the method and the currency, and specify the amount to transfer.

When you work on a virtual account the real money is not used, that is why you can transfer the funds from it only to another virtual account, with an internal virtual transfer. When you try to use another payment method, the funds are debited from the account but not credited to another one since it is the virtual money. The order is fulfilled by the system automatically at the moment of the placement.

When on the real account, you have to confirm your right to transfer the funds by entering a key with the right number in the order. The key table is sent to the account holder at the registration. After you submit the order, it is processed by the Forexite personnel. The processing period depends on the payment method and the time of the order submission. The orders submitted out of hours are usually processed at the beginning of the next business day.

The funds are debited from the account immediately after you send the order. However, the recipient receives them only after the order has been processed and performed. You can trace the state of the order on the Outgoing Payments page. To cancel the order in process, please contact us through the messaging system.

Fields to submit the funds payment order

The fields obligatory for filling are marked in color.

Payment method – select the payment method. The list contains all payment methods available in the TradeRoom system. After you select the payment method, the page displays the fields to fill in to effect the payment.

Currency – select the currency you want to transfer the funds in. The list contains only the currencies available for the payment method selected.

Amount – the amount of the payment. Keep to the format specified in the TradeRoom settings of the Preferences section when entering the amount; digit grouping symbols are optional.

These three fields are always compulsory, not depending on the payment method selected and the account type.

Additional info for Forexite – fill in the field when you need to tell the Forexite personnel any extra information about the payment.

Payment fee – the amount and currency of the fee debited from the account for the transfer. The fee is calculated automatically, depending on the payment method, the amount and currency of transfer as well as on the bank for a bank transfer. The commission fee can be changed by the dealer at the payment procession.

Key number – Key (two fields) – the first field is filled in by the system with the next key number. The second field should be filled in by the user with the key – a numerical code certifying the transfer from the account – from the table. If for some reasons you fail to use the key with the specified number, you can enter another number with a corresponding key; the number can be modified to a small extend. For virtual accounts, the keys are not issued, and are not required for the transfers.

There can be extra fields for some payment methods (for bank wire transfers, in particular):

Recipient – the name of the company or the full name of the person whom the payment is meant for; the recipient will be stated in the payment order.

Recipient's Bank – the name of the bank the payment will be transferred to. As a rule, bank wire transfers are allowed only to those banks which the account has been funded from. When you place a bank transfer for the first time, the field is automatically filled in with the name of the bank the account was funded from last time.

Details of payment – the field is pre-filled in, do not edit it please.

If you have transferred the money from the account before, the order will be filled in with the banking details from your previous bank transfer; the details can be easily deleted or edited. You can also use any previous order as a template to quickly fill in the form with the required data. To do that, find a suitable order in the Outgoing Payments List (Outgoing Payments section in the Payments menu), open it and use the New notification button in it. You will be redirected to the Funds Transfer page filled in with the data from the template order.

The Submit button sends the order for the execution. After it is sent, a confirmation page with a number of the trade executed on the order (the TradeRoom system renders any payment as a trade) is displayed.

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