Event Notifications

On this page, you can configure your account event notifications by e-mail.

Controls functions

Notify of the following events – each of these options allows you to enable notifications of the events of a certain type. If some option is enabled, a notification of the corresponding event occurred will be sent to the specified e-mail address.

Show account the event occurred to – the notifications contain the account the event occurred to for the case you have multiple TradeRoom accounts. This preference specifies the way your account will be displayed:

This preference is available for real accounts only. Virtual accounts don't have numbers, so any notifications for them always contain the user name only.

Include additional information in the notification – these options are for receiving extra information on an event in the notification:

Since the notifications are delivered through unsecure channels, the confidentiality of this information is not guaranteed.
Do not include information that should not be exposed to a third party, in the notification.

Email notifications to – the option allows selecting between the e-mail addresses you want notifications to be delivered to.

Tip: If your mobile operator provides the E-mail2SMS service, you can state the e-mail address provided by your operator as your alternative e-mail to receive notifications as SMS in your mobile phone. For more details about this service, contact your mobile operator.

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