Safe Forex. Forex trading with Forexite company
It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.
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A unique offer to Forex-traders:
Safe Forex trading with Forexite

The Forexite company has been providing services in the foreign exchange (Forex) market since 1999. The company's corporate philosophy is based on the priority of the client's interests, professionalism, and perfection. Some of the Forexite's services and trading terms and conditions are unique.


Safe Forex Unlike other Forex-companies, our trading conditions ensure trading at a low risk.

To succeed, a trader needs the risk control rules and the trading conditions which allow observing them.

  • With us, you can choose the risk level by changing the trading amount all by yourself.
  • We do not have lots; trading amounts have no minimum limits.
  • You can trade with minor trading amounts in case of a small deposit.
  • We provide a leverage of 100 instead of 500 as the others do; however, you are recommended to use no more than 10.
  • You can start trading even with 1 USD.
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Public quotation We post real dealing quotes history to our web-site online.

To succeed, a trader needs to focus on trading, and be assured of the company fairness.

  • Each quote the company publishes is available for any client to trade, and it can be compared with that from the other independent sources.
  • All orders and transactions are executed strictly according to the published quotes.
  • Quote shifts and other malusage are excluded.
  • We guarantee fair and identical quotes for all clients, regardless of their positions, transaction ways, volumes and trading practices.
  • Quotes for demo accounts and those for real ones are the same.
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Friendly trading conditions Balancing the client's and the company's interests is a must for a fruitful and long-term cooperation.

To succeed, a trader needs clear and transparent trading conditions without any artificial restrictions.

  • We have all the conditions itemized in detail on our website, and in the TradeRoom system.
  • A full range of services that is standard forex, mini-forex, micro-forex and conversion in one trading account.
  • You can open an account and get started literally in 5 minutes.
  • You can open and use multiple accounts.
  • Accounts are multi-currency; you can transfer as well as withdraw your funds in different currencies.
  • We have no restrictions on the deposit amount.
  • We provide accurate execution of pending orders, with no slippage.
  • We have a fixed spread on all instruments.
  • The trading conditions are the same for both real and demo accounts. You can safely check all the nuances of Forex trading on your demo account.
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Comfortable trading platform We do not use MetaTrader. We have created our own trading platform, because we are professionals and we know what traders really need.

To succeed, a trader needs a simple-in-use and highly functional trading platform.

  • The TradeRoom and the TradeRoom Mini trading platforms run in a browser. So there is no need to install software and updates, you always work with the latest version.
  • You do not lose access to your account in case of your PC damage or theft.
  • The trading platforms run on any operating system.
  • You can use any computers, tablets, smart phones, or cellular phones.
  • We provide extensive possibilities to work with orders: Stop, Limit, If-Done, zero-amount logical orders, relative orders with a rate as an increment, If-Done trailing, a position opening by a trailing order.
  • Trailing orders are tracked on the server (as opposed to MetaTrader).
  • The newsfeed with a flexible filtering.
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Promotion unobtrusiveness and restraint We do not do advertising campaigns and do not impose our services. Everyone who wants to trade in the Forex market, sooner or later find us by themselves.

To succeed, a trader does not need advertising.

  • We do not lure traders with prizes, bonuses, contests, or insurances.
  • We do not underestimate the difficulties and dangers of the Forex trading.
  • We do not spam our clients' mailboxes with unsolicited messages and "beneficial" offers.
  • The best advertisement for us is our satisfied clients.
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