Deals List

This report monitors all deals on your account. Deals in the report are arranged chronologically. A special filter specifies a required date range of deals, selects one or all instruments and deal types.

You can sort the data as you need it. Just click on the header of the column desired. The second click on the same column sorts the values in descending order.

The report displays only the most important information about the deal. You can find the full information on the selected deal by clicking on it, after which you will get to the Deal Details page.

Description of the filter fields

Trade date from, to allow you to specify the period of the deals you want to be included in the report. If the Date from field is blank, the report will include deals starting from the account registration date. If the Date to field is blank, the upper value of the date will not be limited. You can use a drop-down calendar to fill in the dates. The calendar is displayed when you focus or click on the field.

You can also specify the date manually; the calendar will hide in this case. The dates should be specified according to the format selected in the TradeRoom preferences. It is not recommended to specify too wide a range of dates since it may cause a prolonged loading of the report. By default the report includes all the deals for the current date.

Instrument selects all instruments or only one instrument to be included in the report.

Deal type selects all types or only one type of the deals to be included in the report.

OK gives a command to draw up a report in accordance with the parameters specified in the filter.

Notions used in the report

Trade date means the date and time the trade execution. The date and time are shown for the time zone specified in the TradeRoom preferences.

Value date is the date of currency payment, normally two business days forward from the current date.

Instrument is the financial instrument a Forex trade or conversion or a rollover has been executed for. As for depository deals (payments, interest calculation), it displays the currency of the payment.

Amount means the trade amount in the currency specified in the Currency column. A positive amount means that the indicated currency was bought (Buy); a negative amount means that the indicated currency was sold (Sell).

Currency means the currency of the deal. Deals to buy / sell one currency for another can be made either in base or in quoted currency.

Rate is rate of the trade the buy / sell of one currency for another has been executed at. The column is always empty for the depository deals.

Number is the unique number of a deal in the system.

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