TradeRoom System Menu

The menu is on the TradeRoom window's left. An auxiliary information panel that displays your account and notifications is at the top.

Note: use the main menu to navigate the system; we do not recommend using the Back button of your browser.

You can hide the menu with the Pin button to save space on your screen. When the button is down and looks like Pinned, the menu is pinned and always remains on the screen. If you click on it to change it to Unpinned, the menu hides, and the menu button Menu button appears on top left.

Menu buttons

A click on the menu button Menu button displays the menu; it automatically hides when you select the menu item you need. Click on the menu button again to hide the menu if you change your mind.

The menu can be called out with a click at the left edge of the window as well. A click on the arrow panel at the right edge of the menu or anywhere outside the menu hides it.

The main menu items are grouped by their function into sections. The section names are bold. At signing in, all the menu sections are collapsed and the elements are hidden. Click on a section title to expand the section. A repeated click collapses the section. The menu element corresponding to the currently opened page is highlighted in color.

Functions of the main menu elements

Upper panel

Menu button is a menu button. It shows or hides the menu; available only if the menu is not pinned.

Help opens a help window with the description of the system page opened at the moment. The help is displayed in a new window.

Log Off ends your account session. This command is displayed only when you have the Trading page opened. Logging out redirects you to the system logon page, and you cannot get back to your account with your browser Back button. The system will ask you to confirm the action before executing it to prevent an occasional session termination. You can disable this confirmation request by checking the Do not ask again option in the confirmation window.

Trading redirects you back to the Trading page. This command is displayed only when you are on any page other than Trading.

Messaging displays notifications. For example, there will be an envelope icon when you have messages unread. This area is empty when you don't have any notifications.

Account name displays the account you are working with. It is helpful if you have several accounts.


Trading calls out the Trading page containing a complete information on the state of your account, i.e. a list of open positions, currency balances, a state of account, orders, as well as charts, news, and the trading instruments.

Payments section

Account Funding calls out the Account Funding page which serves to transfer an insurance deposit to Forexite. Using this page, you may also send a transfer notification to Forexite personnel and, on virtual accounts, to credit your virtual account with a virtual money to by yourself.

Funding Notifications opens the Incoming Payments List report to see the list of your incoming payments within the specified range of dates for one or all currencies.

Funds Transfer calls out the Transfer Order form to send an order to Forexite for funds transfer from your account.

Outgoing Payments opens the Outgoing Payments List report to see the list of transfer orders from your account within the specified range of dates for one or all currencies.

Reports section

Deals List opens the Deals List report which monitors all deals on your account within the specified range of dates for one or all instruments and deal types.

Orders List opens the Orders List report which monitors all the orders on your account within the specified range of dates for one or all instruments and for a specified order status.

Account Statement opens the Account Statement report which monitors all transactions on your account, and the balance after each transaction.

Profit / Loss opens the Profit / Loss report which monitors profit or loss resulting from a trade, within the selected period for any instrument.

Service section

Contacts displays the Forexite contact information: phone numbers, departments business hours, legal and business addresses.

Messaging opens the Messaging page which allows communicating with the Forexite personnel. Messaging is carried out through a SSL protected protocol, and are encrypted and inaccessible to unauthorized persons. If you have messages unread, their amount is displayed in the parentheses on the right of this item.

Modeling opens the Modeling page designed to forecast the state of your account at the currency rate change. It serves to specify test rates and see the estimated profits and losses on the Forex open positions as well as the state of your account calculated according to the test rate values.

Event Log opens the Event Log report which monitors events on your account. The log is filled with such events as a registration with the system, logging in and out the system, funds transfers, interest payments, and others.

Preferences section

Account opens the Registration Data page to view your account information, view and change your personal and your company info, and view the trading agreement.

Passwords opens the Change Passwords page to change your Internet and phone passwords.

Autoconversion opens the Balance Automatic Conversion page to view and change the automatic conversion preferences.

Subscriptions opens the Newsletter Subscription page to subscribe to receipt of news, analytical information and announcements issued by Forexite.

Notifications opens the Event Notifications page to subscribe to the delivery of e-mail notifications of the main events on your account.

Trading opens the Trading Preferences page to configure your trading preferences: traded instruments, standard amounts, trade confirmations, etc.

Orders opens the Order Preferences page to configure your preferences of order placement.

TradeRoom opens the System Preferences page to specify your TradeRoom system parameters.

Conditions section

General Conditions is meant for viewing the account registration and servicing conditions, payment fees, trade execution conditions, deposit requirements, trading hours, etc.

Instruments opens a list of the traded instruments as well as the conditions for trades execution and rollovers for each instrument.

Currencies opens a list of the traded currencies and the current interest rates for each currency.

Trading Hours opens the Trading Hours Information page containing the information about the current trading status (closed or open), and both scheduled and unscheduled trading closing hours.

Log Off ends your account session. Logging out redirects you to the system logon page. All session parameters stored on the server are reset, and you cannot get back to your account with your browser Back button. We strongly recommend that you sign out with this command, and not just close the TradeRoom window when you want to finish account session.

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