How to Get a Cheap Rental Car?

Learn how to find a cheap rental car. Discover the cheapest way to get a car for a week, a day or a month. A complete guide to renting a car on a budget.

So lucky you, you are going on vacation pretty soon! Have you already plan all the details of your future journey? You probably got the tickets, booked a hotel. Have you found the best deals? What about the vehicle you will rent to move around on your journey? Have you found the best deal for that too? Most people don’t know about the ways to get cheap rental cars, although it’s totally possible and that’s what you need to do. So here is a little guide for you on how to get a cheap rental car.

Do you need to rent a car on vacation?

If you’re traveling to a big city with a good public transportation system you might not need a car to go places, however, if your route is going to be unpredictable you should consider renting a car.  

Start your research in advance to get the cheapest rental car

If you know for sure when and where you will be traveling, try to find the best deals possible. Some rental car services offer you better deals if you rent a car in advance. So don’t procrastinate – take action! Even if you did your research and know how much a rental car might cost you but you plan to rent it when you arrive you may still face some difficulties. For example, the car you planned to rent might no longer be available and you will have to overpay and ruin your budgeting scheme. 

Pay for your rental car in advance to get the best rate

Apart from being the best way to ensure you are getting a car you want, paying in advance also allows you to save up some money as some rental car companies offer good discounts for those who pay when booking a car instead of when picking it up.

Look for a credit card program to get a cheap rental car

Some of the best travel credit card programs allow you to use your rewards to book car rentals or book car rentals at a discounted rate if, of course, you do it with your credit card. You can also do it directly from your credit card dashboard online. You might have such credit card services but just not know about them. Don’t overpay – do your research.

Use a travel site deals to rent a car cheap

A lot of the big sites like Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia will offer you discounts if you book your whole vacation as a package. Book a flight, accommodation and a vehicle at the same time and save up. Such deals might cost you much less than booking those separately. Do your research. Don’t turn down a good deal if you see it.

Extra tips for getting a rental car cheap

After you have chosen the rental car service here are some other ways how you can save up some money:

  • If possible, don’t rent a car right at the airport, the fees are usually much higher. Travel to the closest car park and save money.
  • Try to book on a weekend.
  • Weekly rates can cost you less than daily ones.
  • You will not necessarily need to buy rental car insurance, your primary car insurance or sometimes your credit card bank may have you covered already. Check this out before the trip.
  • Don’t agree to buy unnecessary things from the rental car company.
  • Don’t buy a fuel plan at your agency, they are usually too expensive and won’t do your budget any good. 
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