Best identity theft protection services

What makes up your identity? Name, social security number, birth date, addresses, driver’s license and credit card number. That is what thieves who want to steal your identity are looking for. Did you know that over 143 million Americans have fallen victim to identity theft? Having all that info gives thieves an opportunity to make various financial decisions of your name, which is why you have to protect yourself. You can use various identity protection services to keep your private information safe.

Here are some of the best identity theft protection services you may consider to guard yourself:

IdentityForce – one of the top identity protection services

IdentityForce gives your data some basic protection if you haven’t yet fallen victim to identity theft. The service allows you to have a tool to monitor your credit and personal data for any suspicious changes as it also offers anti-keylogging software to protect your info. It’s the easiest protection service to use. However, they don’t offer much actionable advice, which might concern you if you want to minimize your digital footprint. They offer two plans: basic (for $12.99) and premium, which will cost you $19.99 a month.

Identity Guard – another great identity theft protection company

For as little as $6.67 a month for a basic plan or $16.67 a month for a premium plan Identity Guard will constantly watch your accounts and offer you some easy but helpful protective practices. With Identity Guard you are getting three tiers of protection: the first one will monitor your information on the dark web and report any unusual activity connected to it. The premier plan will go further – it includes tax refund alerts and monitoring your credit. Their Total plan will allow you to use all the latest protections.

Lifelock – high-quality identity protection service

Lifelock offers a basic plan for as low as $8.99 but the premium plan fees go up to $26.99 per month for the first year. After just 12 months the prices will go up to $11.99 and $34.99 a month respectively. The service offers you a full comprehensive 24/7 protection system that will leave zero chances for thieves to sell your identity. If some of your funds are stolen, you may be eligible for a refund depending on your plan.

ID Watchdog – ID theft protection for you

Unlike many other identity theft protection services, ID Watchdog offers you their services even if you have already been hacked. They don’t care if you were a victim of identity theft but will try to help you anyway. However, that includes some extra fees. ID Watchdog also offers family plans to protect not only your private information but also your spouse’s and kids’. It is the best service if you are at high risk of having your identity stolen. ID Watchdog prices vary from $14.95 for the basic monthly plan to $19.95 for the premium plan.


Identity theft protection services can come very handy and be almost irreplaceable when it comes to protecting your data from outside actors. Choosing the right service which will serve your particular needs is very important. Take some time to proceed with your research before making your choice.


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