Best travel insurance companies for every situation ranked

Few things are as exciting as travel – whether you’re visiting a neighboring state or an exotic country halfway across the world, you can always expect to make memories and experience new adventures. But you can also expect issues to arise – it’s unfortunate, but few trips go entirely the way you planned. While most of these travel problems are easily fixable and can be mitigated without any financial losses, the more serious scenarios require you to have good travel insurance if you want to avoid losing money or ruining your holiday. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best travel insurance companies to help your trips be nothing but delightful:

World Nomads – the best cheap travel insurance company

If you need travel insurance but you don’t want to spend a fortune on it, World Nomads is an excellent choice that gives you the best bang for your buck. To give you an example, you can get travel insurance for a $4,000, two-week trip to Europe for $132. While this is not the cheapest price on the market – you get a lot more coverage compared to other companies with similar rates. For $132, you get $100,000 in health insurance, $10,000 for trip interruption and cancellation and $3,000 for lost baggage. This policy also includes hundreds of activities without extra charges, which is perfect if you like things like surfing and bungee jumping. The downside of this company is that it doesn’t have group coverage even for families or policies for people older than 70.

Travelex – the best travel insurance for customizable coverage

If you’re looking for highly customizable travel insurance plans, check out Travelex – this travel insurance company offers several basic plans for leisure and business trips together with a huge number of add-ons that you can purchase separately to create a plan that has everything you need. You can also get free coverage for your children if you choose the Travel Select Plan. The disadvantage of this travel insurance company is that even if you buy the most expensive Max plan, you will only get coverage for up to 6 months and $50,000.

HTH Worldwide – the best medical travel insurance

If you’re mostly worried about medical issues on your trip and not about cancellations and changes in your plans, check out HTH Worldwide – it’s a company that provides comprehensive medical insurance for travelers. You can choose from two plans – the preferred plan requires you to have primary health insurance, while the economy plan doesn’t but it has restrictions for pre-existing conditions. This insurance company also has an app that allows you to locate English-speaking healthcare providers anywhere in the world and make an appointment in minutes.

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