Friendly trading conditions

To successfully trade in the Forex market good trading conditions are a must. Despite the fact there are a good many companies providing the Forex services, it is not so easy to find really good trading terms. It often happens the conditions are seemingly attractive but when in practice, various unpleasant nuances come to light.

We understand that balancing the interests of both the client and the company is a necessity for a successful long-term cooperation. Therefore, we offer not just good, we offer friendly trading conditions.

What is the difference between the friendly conditions and those just good? The difference is that our conditions:

  • are detailed on our website and do not contain any pitfalls;
  • are identical both for real and virtual accounts, so you can safely check up all the nuances on your virtual account;
  • are oriented to our clients, do not adversely affect our clients’ natural rights, and have no artificial restrictions.

When forming our company’s trading conditions and terms of the in general, we stand to the principles of our clients’ maximum freedom and fair play.

The distinctive features of the funds transfers and withdrawals

  • We accept deposits not only in US dollars but also in other currencies, through the Skrill, WebMoney, RBK Money, Paxum and other systems (the details on the funds transfers are on the “Funds receipt and return methods” page).
  • There have been no cases of our clients’ deposits or profits delays, much less no returns, for the whole long period of our company activities in the market.
  • We do not demand a minimum deposit: after an account opening, we do not oblige our clients to transfer funds within a certain period or to a certain extent. What’s more, our clients can go on trading with smaller amounts of transactions, when their deposit even goes down below the minimum.
  • Our clients can withdraw their funds even without closing the positions, including the withdrawal of unrealized gains on open positions (the latter is possible within the funds disposable which are not in use to maintain the positions opened).
  • We charge interest on the deposit daily, regardless of whether the funds are in use to maintain the positions opened or disposable.
  • We offer the options helpful to the companies and the entrepreneurs: a currency conversion which is available within 24 hours 7 days a week, unlike the banks.

The distinctive features of the deals making and the orders executing

  • The public quoting we provide guarantees honest quotes for all our clients, regardless of the frequency of their deals, the trading volume and practices. The real dealing quotes history is posted on the website regularly.
  • Our clients can trade at as low risk (safe forex) as they choose for themselves keeping in mind their funds or guided by their own other rules (since deal can be of a whatsoever amount, even 1 USD, then the risk index, which is a position to deposit value, can be indefinitely small).
  • Our clients are provided with a fixed spread (4 points on the primary currencies) as well as with no commission on the deals made at any amount, even at the amount of 1 USD.
  • Our clients benefit from no slippage as well as a strict compliance with the terms of their orders executions with no limits on the orders placements, which can be even at a 1 point distance from the current rate). The orders correct execution can be checked up according to the real dealing quotes posted on the website.
  • Our clients also benefit from the reduced margin requirements: there is an opportunity to open new positions on the unrealized profit from the yet not closed positions gains. The total position is calculated with regard to the synthetic crosses development and netting.
  • Our clients can keep their positions as long as desired. In addition, they can obtain a positive rollover in accordance with the trading terms and conditions. There is also an opportunity to take a break in trading, of any duration. Neither minimum nor maximum trading activities are regulated.
  • Our clients can specify the trading amount in both the base and the quote currencies when requesting quotes.
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