Is AAA membership worth it? Find out in our blog.

Is triple A worth it?

Whether you already have an AAA membership or considering becoming a member, you might be wondering if a triple A membership is worth the money. The answer to this question will differ depending on your exact situation but most experts agree that in many situations an AAA, or American Automobile Association, membership is not worth the money.

What is included with an AAA membership?

You probably already know that the main service AAA offers is roadside assistance. There are several membership tiers to choose from, but the lowest basic-level membership includes mechanical adjustments where the specialist that arrives to your car can help get it going with a tire change, a jump start or fuel delivery, free towing within 7 miles, retrieval of your car keys if they are locked inside your vehicle. You can use your membership for roadside assistance up to four times a year whether you’re driving your own car, a rental or even if you’re a passenger in someone else’s car.

What else do you get as a triple A member?

In addition to roadside assistance services, AAA members have access to lots of other perks, such as discounts at some hotel chains and car rental agencies. There are also many other discounts available but you can often get the same deals just by signing up to email newsletters or waiting a week or two for sale promotions.

Additionally, the company has a rewards program AAA WOWpoints, which allows you to get one point for each dollar spent on purchases from partner companies. These points can then be redeemed for discounts at a rate of one penny per point, essentially earning you a 1% discount. This can be a nice perk for your AAA membership but it probably isn’t going to be a significant enough benefit to make you buy a membership if you weren’t going to do it – after all, most credit cards already offer similar benefits to cardholders.

Check if you already have roadside assistance before buying an AAA membership

The main reason why most people get an AAA membership is quick and free roadside assistance wherever you are. But what a lot of car owners don’t realize is that you might already have roadside assistance from a different source, so there might be no need for you to pay for AAA.

For instance, if you have a relatively new vehicle, you still might have free roadside assistance through the car manufacturer. You can check the documents for your car to find out whether you have roadside assistance and what the exact terms are. For instance, some car makers provide roadside assistance for a set number of miles or years after the car’s purchase or even lifelong assistance.

Car insurance is another source of free roadside assistance, as many policies either already have free roadside assistance included with their policies or allow you to add assistance for a very low price, for instance, you can add roadside assistance to your Geico car insurance for just $14 a year.

Finally, some credit card companies provide free or relatively cheap roadside assistance to their members, so you can check your credit card paperwork or talk to an insurance agent to find out if you’re eligible for this benefit.

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