Forex account registration

The procedure of a Forex account opening

We understand that our clients appreciate their time, so if you decide to open a forex account, then you need to make it as fast as possible. Therefore, we have developed a short procedure of a trading account registration, which consists of a few simple steps as follows.

Step 1: Registration

When registering an account you fill out a form; then you get the account number reserved for you, accept the service agreement, and choose your username and password for your future logins. You can log in to the trading system immediately after you register the Forex account.

Step 2: Client’s data verification

The data you provide at the real account registration is verified by our client department. In case of a positive decision, you will receive a key table from us in the TradeRoom internal messaging system.

Step 3: The key table

To get the key table you will have to log in to the system; then you print out the table and remove it from the correspondence to provide your personal information security. You will need the table for the authorization of your future funds transfers from your account. You will receive the use guide together with the table.

Step 4: Depositing

You can transfer a security deposit to your account after you have received, and removed, the key table. Currently, you can transfer your funds to/from your account with wire transfers, transfers through the payment system Skrill, WebMoney, RBK Money, Paxum, by credit card, etc. The details for these different ways are listed on the “Incoming payment” page of our trading system. So that we could identify the account the transfer is related to, please state your Forexite account number when making a transfer, and then fill in a notification on the “Incoming payment” page of the system.

Correspondence confidentiality

It is insecure to send business and financial documents by e-mail unencrypted. That’s why, for the confidential communication with Forexite, we recommend that you use the built-in messaging in our trading system instead of your personal e-mail address. Since the TradeRoom system operates through a SSL secure protocol, the messages you receive and send are also encrypted, and cannot be read by a third party.

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