QuoteRoom description

The Forexite Company’s QuoteRoom freeware allows you to receive real-time quotes for further storage as well as export of the data received into the various programs of technical analysis.

QuoteRoom is based on the principle of the interactive services, which receive, process, and export the data. You can easily add or delete any service.

QuoteRoom installation and registration

You can download the application from the Forexite server. After installing the program, you need to log in to TradeRoom to run all the services of the program. To do this, you can use your existing account or register a new one.

QuoteRoom features

Technical analysis programs compatibility

Any program supporting the DDE protocols can receive quotes from QuoteRoom. The QuoteRoom can be used as a source of real-time quotes for the following technical analysis programs

  • TradeStation 9.1;
  • Omega Research ProSuite 2000i.

History automatic download

It is really a challenge to support the quotes history continuity when working with different data sources due to eventual Internet outages, computer deadlocks, inability to obtain quotes around the clock, etc. To solve this problem QuoteRoom has a history auto-download function.

If for some reason the program has been disconnected from the quotes source (the Forexite server), then after reconnection the past period quotes history is downloaded automatically. The program has some options to customize the history service, e.g., to disable the function of the history auto-download.

About services

  • Forexite Internet Server s designed to receive real-time currencies quotes via Internet from the Forexite’s server.
  • Forexite History Server – the service is meant to download the quotes history in GlobalServer format or in Ascii format, from the Forexite’s server. It also allows managing history archives for the rest QuoteRoom users’ use.
  • History Database service allows accumulating and storing quotes history in the QuoteRoom databases. The Forexite History Server service downloads the quotes history missed automatically.
  • ASCII Maker is designed to export quotes history into text files realtime for various programs of technical analysis.
  • Portal Server delivers quotes for ProSuite 2000i, TradeStation 2000i. Portal Server automatically installs the Portal Client services which maintain the programs of technical analysis.
  • TradeStation service serves to transfer the quotes history to TradeStation 9.1, the analytical program.
  • Excel RTD is a service allowing you to transfer data to Microsoft Excel x86 and x64. There are ready-made files with examples of getting quotes in the Forexite QuoteRoom\Example directory.
  • Random is a random number generator service.

Technical specification

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10;
  • 1100 Mb free disk space;
  • Extra space for historical data.

Free download of QuoteRoom

At the moment, the Forexite QuoteRoom 2019.12 version from December 2019 is available:

QuoteRoom runs as a portable application. You can install it to a flash disk.

The program registration relates to the TradeRoom trading account, and is valid until the account is active.

Forexite QuoteRoom supports a strong program of technical analysis TradeStation 9.1. The program implements numerous indicators, ready-made trading strategies (a set of signals), and an advanced charting. EasyLanguage, a built-in programming language, allows you to create your own trading indicators and strategies of any complexity. You can find the instructions on the TradeStation installation on the gelium.net website.

The following technical analysis programs are also supported: Omega Research ProSuite 2000i.

You can download the Online Help QRHelp_en.zip (708 Kb) or QRHelp_ru.zip (943 Kb) to find out more about the program features. There are already both Help files in the program for the installation.

1. During the Forexite QuoteRoom installation some antiviruses display a message stating that the program is potentially dangerous. This is because the program is encrypted by the Themida protector. Indeed, QuoteRoom poses no danger to your computer.
2. The latest program version should be downloaded into the same directory where the previous version is (there is no need to remove it).
3. If there is no connection in the Forexite Internet Server service, it is necessary to change the server address to alfa.quoteroom.com or gamma.quoteroom.org and turn off the option “Select server address automatically” in the service properties (Network-Server tabs).

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