How to get a cashier’s check? Step-by-step instructions

What’s a cashier’s check?

A cashier’s check is very similar to a personal check. The difference is that you can’t issue it yourself – a bank teller, or a cashier, has to issue and sign it. When someone cashes or deposits a cashier’s check, the money is taken directly from the bank’s own assets instead of your personal account.

How to get a cashier’s check?

Generally, you can get a cashier’s check in person at a bank or request one online from your bank and get it shipped to your home. However, the first option is the most common one because not all banks will let you request cashier’s checks online and it takes several days for you to get the check you requested. Also, you should know that it’s best to visit a bank where you have an account to get a cashier’s check as not all banks will issue cashier’s checks to non-customers for cash.

Before you visit your bank to buy a cashier’s check, you need to make sure that you have your ID, the name of the payee, the amount of the check and the notes that should be put on the cashier’s check.

The first step to getting a cashier’s check is to find out if your bank issues cashier’s checks in person. If you have an account with an online-only bank, find a local bank that issues cashier’s checks to non-members for cash. Next, makes sure that you have all the necessary information and a government-issued ID when you visit the bank. You should also bring your debit card if you’re visiting your bank to buy a cashier’s check or cash if you are visiting a bank where you don’t have an account. Make sure that you have enough money in your account or enough cash to cover the amount of the check and a fee, which can be pretty pricey. Once you have everything you need ready, make a trip to the bank and ask to speak to a teller. Let them know that you need a cashier’s check and give the tellen all the necessary information, such as the amount of the check and the exact name of the person or company who will be depositing the check. Then, pay the amount of the check plus the bank’s fee and take your cashier’s check from the teller – done!

How long does it take to get a cashier’s check?

As you can see from the instructions on how to get a cashier’s check, it’s not a time-consuming process. You can expect to spend no longer than 5 minutes with the teller who will be issuing you a check but the entire trip can take a little longer than that because you still need to drive to and from the bank and stand in line.

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