3 best tax preparation software options reviewed

Best tax software for online tax filing reviewed. TaxAct, TurboTax and TaxSlayer tax filing software overview – find your perfect choice. 

Whether you love spring, summer, fall or winter, there’s one season that every adult in America has strong feelings about – it’s tax season. Whether you hate this time of year because you don’t like doing your taxes and paying taxes you owe, love it because you receive a large refund every year, or feel a mixture of love and hatred when it comes to filing your tax return, you need a good program to help you get through tax season with minimum effort and still get the largest return possible. There are several options you can choose from during tax season: you can hire an accountant to do your taxes for you, use free tax preparation software or choose a third option – buy a paid tax prep program. Paid tax preparation software is usually a lot easier to use than free programs, plus, it has more capabilities when it comes to complex returns but at the same time, it’s cheaper than the services of an accountant. But which tax prep program should you choose? Here’s an overview of the most popular options. 

TurboTax – the most popular tax software

It’s no surprise that TurboTax is on this list – after all, it is the most popular tax filing program in America. Millions of people use TurboTax to do their taxes every year and there’s a good reason for it – the software provides detailed instructions for filing your taxes and helps you maximize your deductions. Plus, there’s even a video customer support feature called TurboTax Live, which allows you to video chat with a tax adviser to get help with your tax return preparation in real-time. The downside of this program is that it’s more expensive than its competitors. 

TaxAct – the cheapest tax preparation software

If you’re looking for a good tax preparation program that won’t break the bank – check out TaxAct. This is a superb cheap alternative to TurboTax and H&R Block. This program is straightforward and easy to use, even though its design is not as sleek as that of its competitors’. Additionally, TaxAct provides a Price Lock Guarantee, which means that when you sign up for a tax prep package at the beginning, the price of filing is locked, so you won’t need to worry about becoming a victim of a bait-and-switch ploy used by some other tax prep companies. 

TaxSlayer – the best value tax program

TaxSlayer is another high-quality tax filing program that can help you get a maximum return at a great price. There’s a free version of this program that offers limited services for simple returns, or you can pay for the full version if your tax return is more complicated. The paid version offers two plans: quick tax filing or traditional. The quick tax filing plan is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of deductions and other complications on their return. The traditional filing option offers tons of guidance for the user and walks you step-by-step through the filing process. The company also offers an accuracy guarantee for all returns completed using this program, so you’re protected in case of issues with state or federal tax agencies. 

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